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Jesus Gets His Hands Dirty

Jesus' heart melts me. His kindness. His willingness. His sacrificial love to go the greatest lengths necessary for us when we're in jeopardy. He sees our mess and He dives in with us.

Lily of the Valleys and Healing Contagions

In Song of Solomon 2:1 it says, “I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valley.” I love the imagery in Song of Solomon. It's a love song between two lovers and its also reveals the Lord's affections for us. But as I read this verse I was struck by this usage of “lily of the valley.” Because a lily of the valley is not an ordinary flower.

Beloved Identity

I love John's fervor to call himself "the one Jesus loved" in his own gospel. He knew who He was to Jesus. Loved. Cherished. And he identified himself according to that love.

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