Heaven beckons you

Diamonds Underneath

Jesus, I love You
because You see
what’s underneath
my skin
precious blood
hidden gems
Your Spirit’s love
my heart’s essence

show us diamonds underneath
the skies You keep [...]

Serve Glory

In the forest glows a light brimming translucent over the canopy of Pine trees standing tall. A rushing wind. A natural oasis. A haven for the supernatural voice of God to speak. What marks you?
In this study of Jesus Christ through Mark’s gospel, we are going to discover the marks of Jesus Christ and the deeper treasures of Jesus’ heart revealing how His character and love marks His people forever. In each study, we will cover a section of Mark’s gospel verse by verse, from chapter 1 to chapter 16 looking at the marks of Jesus in every word penned and the subsequent marks we carry as a result of His image imprinted on our hearts. [...]

Marked By Jesus: Mark 1:1-8

"The greatest among you shall be your servant." Matthew 23:11 Jesus bears the marks of One who serves. Calloused hands. Nail lacerations. Blood streaked. Sweat seeping into the pores. This is what it looks like to be the King of the Universe. What it looks like to be royalty. Learn from the King whose expertise comes from experience. Princes and princesses serve the Kingdom. What they do when they become Kings and Queens? They serve... Royalty never stops serving with the heart of God. [...]​

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Jesus is God.