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Timeless Touch

“He has set eternity in their hearts…” ♥️ Ecclesiastes 3:11

Timeless. Classic. Luxuriant and romantic. Like a sapphire on the shores of oceanic enchantment. Like a ruby in the tree of life He planted. His heart is in you… His glow is on you…

Jesus Saves The Last Dance

The lights simmer as the night lengthens. Glowing luminescent as the music slowly fades into the rhythm steadying. A joyous occasion makes cheerfulness in the ambiance and you can feel it. Settling in. There’s one moment still awaiting... he planned from the beginning. [...]


I dove into the waters today

felt the liquid seeping into my skin

I dove into the waters today

felt the cleansing floating in the wind

I dove into the waters

and I saw you looking back at me [...]

daily wisdom

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Jesus is God.