Heaven beckons you

Paradise Found

Paradise... We found paradise... because love was there. Here. Close. With me. With you. Paradise... every moment spent with you is paradise... next to you... there with you... here with you... the highest of highest peaks in mountains stretched to eternity. The clearest seas of ocean beauty dazzling into God's majesty. It's life's delight.

Kiss Me Reckless

kiss me reckless
like it’s the last time I’ll see you
but not the last time
you’ll see me
in your eyes
it’s true
that fire
won’t move
from stirring
in the stars at night

Butterfly Heart

Symmetrical mosaics grace the shape of a butterfly’s wings… fluttering high in the sky. The light blazes in the lacey filagree balancing in gravity’s wind. She glides gently. Soars strongly. Shines brightly when she rests on a daisy in the open meadows’ greenery. [...]

daily wisdom

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Jesus is God.