Heaven beckons you

You're A Treasure Chest

It's a phenomenon. A mystery. The paragon of luminosity. The fusion of immortality. The golden rays of divinity harbored within you like an honored vessel… it is Jesus in you. Jesus is in you.  Treasure chests sparkle from the inside. Where opals shine and diamonds enshrine a royal case of beauty inlaid with gold glowing by the emeralds and the sapphires. Then God opens the case to highlight the miracle He made… Jesus in you. Jesus is in you.  [...]

Patient Passionate Flames

The King speaks with fire. Love’s desire. Combusts the flames of love transpired from His higher passion wired with a flaming heart of sapphires. God wants you to feel it. Can you feel it? Passionate love? Don’t settle for less. My King kisses boldly. Courageously holy. With rubies He holds me in treasures He told me belong to me. Because He loves me more than everything. God loves you… more than everything. He wants you to wait for it. Can you wait for it? Lovers love? Don’t settle for less. “I know your deeds, that you [...]

Bird's Eye View: THE COLONEL

“Your eyes burn bright with sapphire fire, My son. Just how I designed them to shine.” I can only imagine the intensity of its fire as I feel my heart quake inside of me. Passion and zeal consume me. I want nothing more in this hour than to protect Lilly. To shield her from the world wrought with evil in the hands of The Raven. I pace around the Rose Garden as the galaxies dazzle in the expanse beyond Zion's atmosphere. “I must go to her, Father!” “You cannot protect her from every intrusion, Skye.” [...]

daily wisdom

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Jesus is God.