Life and God Ministries exists to revive, renew, restore and refresh you with biblical teaching, prayer, outreach, mentorship, and written/media devotional content for life with God. 

Whether you’re walking through joy or struggle, blessing or hardship, love with our King Jesus Christ is ever abundant to us. We are here to walk alongside you as we seek Jesus together. Embracing Jesus satisfies the heart, awakening us to flourish in life with Him.

Because Your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you.” Psalm 63:3

Embrace the lavish love of God.


Whatever you’re facing in life, God’s lavish love wants to bring you close to Him through a relationship with Jesus Christ. As you love Jesus radically, He refreshes your heart unendingly. Life flourishes when we’re connected to God, the One who made us… All things flow from Him. 

May God revive, renew, restore and refresh you by His Spirit!                               


Revive. Renew. Restore. Refresh. 

Jesus is Lord.

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  1. I found you today because of the word “diadem.” You have a wonderful blog post on the subject and I would say you are wise beyond your years. We are probably on opposite ends of that “age” thing, but I don’t believe that matters and so far I’m liking what you’re blogging.

    1. Thank you so much Joyce ♥️🥰 I agree age has no limitations on connection… be blessed. 💖 I’m glad you found my blog.

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