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Life and God Ministries exists to breathe hope into daily life.


Whatever you’re facing in life, find inspiring content that uplifts you and encourages you. 

Life and God exists for this very reason. My name is Natalie and I created Life and God Ministries to breathe hope into daily life. My blog covers all ranges of life topics in light of faith such as love, grief, sexuality, relationships, purpose, disappointment,  life questions and so on. No topics is off limits. Explore my blog and let me know via the contact page if there’s a topic you’d like me to write about! I’d love to help you. Until then, may Life and God revive, renew, restore and refresh you!                                       

Revive. Renew. Restore. Refresh. 

Life and God Ministries creates written and video content to encourage you in your daily life. I’m here to revive, restore, renew and refresh you. Whether you’re walking through joy, struggle, blessing, loss, temptation, victory, pain or doubt, hope is waiting for you in the midst of it. I’m here to remind you of this hope and empower you to flourish through any and every circumstance. With the power of God’s Word, you will overcome. With the strength of the Lord, you will be unstoppable!

I’m glad you’re here.

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