Enshrine Your Love

Enshrine it. Glorify it. The love of Jesus spilled out from sliced veins with heart beating. It beats for you. His. The heart that ruptured to give you infinite commitment…


Make Love Priority

Pick me up and carry me away, like the River Seine cascades into the lights of Paris glimmering in the moonlight. It’s reciting love notes over us… The starry hosts who love to behold a romance unfurling like a ballerina twirling. Captivate me.

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The King’s Beloved

Bold faith. Fierce faith. Intelligent faith. Determined faith. God’s Beloved walks in power. Beauty. Ferocity. Energy. She cowers to nobody.


One Truth

Your writings are sacred. Divinely inspired. Melodiously engendered. Penned through human hands and given to human hearts who need a touch from God.