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  • Holy Spirit Empowered

    Holy Spirit Empowered

    The Holy Spirit in you is stronger than the spirit in the world. You overcome every spiritual battle that wages war against you because Jesus is with you. His Spirit empowers you. His voice equips you to defeat the darkness with the light of His truth. “Finally, be strengthened by the Lord and by His…

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  • Beautiful


    Bride of ChristBride of Christlet your beauty shineLove of ChristLove of Christlet your glory rise The King is comingto claim herto claimthe OneHe lovesThe King is comingto love herto lovethe OneHe chose He chose His Brideto reign on highbeside His lightwith holy fire we were madeto dwell in Heaven with Him we were madeto indwell…

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  • Kings Love Her Wisdom

    Kings Love Her Wisdom

    Kings reign by her. Wisdom adorns her. Jewels embellish her. Love uplifts her. He needs her in the moment of decision when he doesn’t know which way to go. He asks for her in the moment of peace when he needs another word to increase the joy of his soul. “I have counsel and sound…

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  • Paint Beauty

    Paint Beauty

    An open canvas gleams in white awaiting colors of the rainbow. It beckons You to show it how to fly. How to speak. How to dream with imagery. How to shine most passionately. When you paint eternity into the hearts who crave the King.

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  • Beauty Unveils

    Beauty Unveils

    Beauty… How do you define beauty? Where do you find it?

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  • Heaven’s Invitation

    Heaven’s Invitation

    Your eyes will behold holy beauty… “I want you to see all I have for you…” the Lord whispers softly.

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