Category: Destiny

  • Leaders Empowering Leaders

    Leaders Empowering Leaders

    Jesus empowers you for greater things. Godly leaders celebrate others’ growth and success. Steward what God gave you and empower those around you to step into their destiny. We all have been given opportunities from the Lord that make us who we are. God loves to see you flourish. “Very truly I tell you, whoever…

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  • Allured Home

    Allured Home

    His Word says, love Me first. So I do. Love Him first. 

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  • Cut The Ribbon

    Cut The Ribbon

    Radiant. Tight and taut. You stretch the ribbon adorning the entryway to the promised land where you dive in to occupy residence. The bow is tied. It waits shiny and red. Untouched with the best threads of silk. One incision will slice the ribbon. Unfurl the vision of Heaven. Where paradise begins…

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