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  • Holy Spirit Empowered

    Holy Spirit Empowered

    The Holy Spirit in you is stronger than the spirit in the world. You overcome every spiritual battle that wages war against you because Jesus is with you. His Spirit empowers you. His voice equips you to defeat the darkness with the light of His truth. “Finally, be strengthened by the Lord and by His…

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  • Feel The Spirit

    Feel The Spirit

    more than wordsI want relationshipsthat are morethan wordscan saygive me the soulgive me the heartgive me the timelessworks of artyour stars displayno room for gamesin mouthsof spadesfightingtheir wayto resonatewith God’s Beloved say it clearsay it herewhere every earcan hearwhat’s near our God is near say what you meanmean what you say more than words I…

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  • Follow Through – Part 6

    Follow Through – Part 6

    Part 6 God promises to take care of His people and He follows through on this promise. Every word of God is trustworthy. In 2 Kings 4, the prophet Elisha follows through in taking care of a widow with two sons. “And Elisha said to her, “What shall I do for you? Tell me; what…

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  • God Moves

    God Moves

    God’s spirit moves with every miracle of life. His heart moves with every kiss of love from daylight’s sun. His hands move with every rotation of the earth held by His design.

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  • Biblical Sexual Purity

    Biblical Sexual Purity

    It’s a non-negotiable. Purity. Sexual purity. Heart purity. Mind purity. Body purity. Soul purity. This is why you need the Spirit. The Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit empowers your purity by the holiness of His Spirit in you. We need the Lord to live purely, and we can because of Him. Absorb His Spirit…

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  • Move of God

    Move of God

    Move with the Spirit. Dance with the Lord. Reflect on the promises of Jesus past and present. Leap for the joy of God’s Son given for your salvation. Give your time to Him. Your heart to Him. Your love to Him. God leaps for joy because your love moves Him. The Holy Spirit fills every…

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  • Face The Light

    Face The Light

    can you face it the light staring back at you I turned around and said goodbye to the night where fireflies said runaway and look away from flaming fires to God’s divine ferocious love for me dancing in the light of His love but there was another trial rising yet to face I had to…

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  • Trust The One

    Trust The One

    She knows how to read Him. So He trusts her. She knows how to perceive Him. So He confides in her. When she’s close and when she’s not around, His soul will be found by her.

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  • Carry Your Flame

    Carry Your Flame

    I had a dream… I was in a forest with a group of soldiers. Trees were all around. We were getting ready

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  • Burn For the One

    Burn For the One

    Let all who hear her know her Maker… Let all who see her know her Savior… Jesus Christ… The wind and fire… the God of life and ferocious light. 

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