Category: Honesty

  • Speak The Truth

    Speak The Truth

    tell Me the truthsays your GodI want you totell Me the truthyou don’t need tohide behindwhat youthink theywant youto sayI know what youreallyfeel tell Methe truth I can handle the truthsays your Godthe ugly truththe messy truththe painful truththe lovely truthtell Me He wants the truth speak the truth His grace can handle the truthHis […]

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  • His Song

    His Song

    unravel it unfurl it unhinge it ribbon by ribbon thread by thread the rawness of love the realness of being I said I didn’t love you but I didn’t mean it I said I didn’t need you but my soul could see it wasn’t true I tried to do what I had to do let go of you but I couldn’t if I wanted to

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  • Glorified


    it’s who you are the eagle who soars the eagle who stands the eagle who unleashes an oasis onto dry land

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