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  • God Carries The World

    God Carries The World

    Thank you for loving me like You do. Upholding me like You do. Stabilizing me like You do, in the arm of mightiest infrastructure. The world is heavy isn’t it… It weighs on me like an avalanche sometimes. But You lift me up from the depths every time because You’re everywhere I am. My God […]

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  • Love Notes: THE COLONEL Sneak Peek

    Love Notes: THE COLONEL Sneak Peek

    “Skye?” I say his name aloud without thinking if I should or shouldn’t. It spews out like an impulsive reaction. “Ma’am, are you Lilly Rose?” A younger girl with blonde hair and a white dress shirt at the host stand calls my name. “Yes. A gentleman was waiting for me, I was told.” Where are […]

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  • Bodyguard


    I have a bodyguard. The one whose got King of kings tattooed on His thigh. He knows when to wear black and when to wear white. He knows when to blend in and when to make a scene. He’s perceptive like that. He’s keen and aware like that. If you want to put your hands […]

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  • With Me

    With Me

      my King saysI love youmy Bridecome away with Metonight I need you to love me like thathow my God intervenes where does the path lead youwhen you leaveand seizethe roadwithout meare youlost without melow without mewoke without mecold without mebreathingin the fireof your soul do you findwhat you’re looking for I foundwhat I was […]

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