Drink For Love

Mouth open. Head tilted back. Potent liquid. He drinks the cup. Toxic fermentation of sins past, present and future burn the inside of his throat and esophagus as lethal fluid unleashes. The alchemy infects His body like a poison. Eyes blaze. He slams the cup. Says “it is finished.” After Jesus drinks the wrath of God.


Enshrine Your Love

Enshrine it. Glorify it. The love of Jesus spilled out from sliced veins with heart beating. It beats for you. His. The heart that ruptured to give you infinite commitment…


Make Love Priority

Pick me up and carry me away, like the River Seine cascades into the lights of Paris glimmering in the moonlight. It’s reciting love notes over us… The starry hosts who love to behold a romance unfurling like a ballerina twirling. Captivate me.

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Marked By Jesus: Mark 1:21-28

Jesus is moving closer… and closer… The city is bustling faster… and faster… He isn’t stopping His stallion nor halting the pattern of His footprints imprinting in the sand. The movement of the Spirit hailing the dawning of the Lord’s day is swiftly propelling forward. When Jesus comes into town, He gets to work.


Split The Sky

Thunder roared when the sky soared higher and higher into the galaxies converging. Lightning sparkled… in the showcase of a starry night unfurling like ribbons of silk in the waters beneath.


Heart Lashes

Close your eyes. Remember how he looks at you. He's got lashes on his heart, fluttering freely. Batting wildly. Full and luscious. Dark and lavish. Like the ones he made to frame the ocular lens. God's eyes gaze intimate. His heart connects at the instant He draws you in close to Him.