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  • The King’s Voice

    The King’s Voice

      Shatter my senses… overtake every brainwave soaking in the detonation of your echo. Your voice blasts like thunder roaring in a typhoon’s midnight. The seraphim surround you to witness the cosmic boom with replies of “holy holy holy” is the King. The Lord Almighty is His name. Can you enunciate like the Lord? “Or…

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  • Worthy of Heaven’s Love

    Worthy of Heaven’s Love

      Worthy… He calls you worthy. Pure and holy. Whole and lovely. God calls you His. He wants your kisses. Beckons your twists, twirls, and leaps into His chest where He stands ready to lift you up and dance with you across the sea. You will always be your lover’s Beloved. “I slept, but my…

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  • Marked By Jesus: Mark 2:21-24

    Marked By Jesus: Mark 2:21-24

      The mark of newness is upon you. A new promise. A new utterance of the Spirit. A new declaration. A new revelation. This is what the Kingdom of God is all about… the New Covenant of forever love. The new promise of eternal life with Jesus Christ. When Jesus stirs a new thing in…

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  • Marked By Jesus: Mark 2:16-20

    Marked By Jesus: Mark 2:16-20

      Jesus… the lover of our hearts… Jesus… Why does Jesus do the things He does? Dazzle stars. Infuse the rain. Swirl the clouds. Send the daylight and the nightlight to fall upon the earth. He walks upon the earth as both human and God. Allowed His divinity to be challenged, disrespected, terminated. So He…

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  • Capture The Miracle

    Capture The Miracle

    Dragon fruit blossoms bloom in the night watch… Floral white elegance arrayed in petals like a feather wrapped in splendor… It’s a miracle. The way it blooms for only one night. Glimmering in the Heaven’s under a starry, moonlit sky. Light as a feather… Jesus’ arms are strong and tender. He holds me in every…

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  • Everlasting Life

    Everlasting Life

    Winds and waves stand tall. I won’t be shaken. Your love is proven in my heart. Hurricanes swirl and roar. I won’t be taken by the storm. You are my higher Lord. You send the raindrops down to soar from where

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  • Courage Rise Up

    Courage Rise Up

    Courage. Fierce courage. She keeps surging like tides soaring in roaring waters. Audacious.

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  • Marked By Jesus: Mark 2:11-14

    Marked By Jesus: Mark 2:11-14

    Walk this way. The way towards Jesus. The way towards the King. The way towards eternal life…

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  • Marked By Jesus: Mark 2:6-10

    Jesus is the King. The ultimate authority. The ruler of the universe. The One who redeems humanity. No one else redeems humanity but Him, and by Him we are made one with the sovereign God of all. Jesus fearlessly ministers. Nothing intimidates him or threatens him. Nothing impedes him and nothing restricts Him.

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  • You’re A Treasure Chest

    It’s a phenomenon. A mystery. The paragon of luminosity. The fusion of immortality. The golden rays of divinity harbored within you like an honored vessel… it is Jesus in you.

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