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  • The Holy Spirit Misunderstood

    When Jesus left Earth, He gave the disciples and all who would believe in Him the Holy Spirit. And ever since, there has been tension regarding the way Christians interpret this mysterious aspect of the trinity. Surrounding the Holy Spirit in Christianity, there are 2 major belief regarding the way the Holy Spirit is manfested […]

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  • Why Love God?

    Why love God? Why want Him? Is He really worth our devotion? Worth our very lives? In effort to love God, I find that I fail every day. So why even keep trying to love Him? Should I give up and stop trying? Surely not. Should I abandon Him? Surely not. For quite some time, […]

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  • Lavish Your Love on Jesus: John 12:3-7

    What a loaded passage. The passage of Mary and Jesus. Her wiping His feet. Anointing Him. Dirtying her hair. Loving the one most precious to her. In the face of ridiculers. In the face of those who didn’t think Jesus was worth that. To humiliate oneself for another was not acceptable. But Mary didn’t care. […]

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  • Until Forever Comes…

      Drip dropping wax ice on glass molten lava ravishing a blade of grass it melts from a flame you can’t touch I tried once hand frozen in place despite the rush of fire seeping into my skin   There’s a scar there.   I like the reminder it gives me soon it will be […]

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