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  • Singleness and The Sex Conundrum

    There’s a real conundrum in the life of single people in Christianity. A sex conundrum. Yep. A sex conundrum. The church doesn’t like to talk about it. They pretend that people don’t struggle. But singles in the church are struggling. Most singles are experiencing the conundrum of sexual frustration or guilt and inability to be…

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  • Halloween, Love, and Strip Clubs

    Halloween, Love, and Strip Clubs

    People want love. And nightlife offers it. Or so we think. There’s an enchantment to nightlife. Glimmer. Attraction. Allure. It can pull you in like a magnet. And grab you before you realize you’re taken. Halloween landed this weekend so me, my roommate and friends went out. Strolling through uptown with cars barely inching their…

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