Category: Poetry

  • a mother’s melody: mourning to morning

    a mother’s melody: mourning to morning

    translucent is the light Your skin illuminates in the fragments falling down I see Your heartbeat through the lace-like flesh with incense flowing out   how could I look away from You the baby boy I nursed to sleep I think of days I held you close in lullaby’s melodies underneath the evening stars forever…

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  • light seeps in

    light seeps in

      we’re all a little scared on the inside that makes room to be brave    a butterfly near the waterfall freefall’s embrace soaring flying caught here in marvel   drowning fears in the depths of Your waters   we are brave because You carry us   we’re all a little frail on the inside…

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  • Jesus hold me forever

    Jesus hold me forever

        thank You for Your lightness thank You for Your tranquility   floating   here I’m floating   in the seas that cradle me like a dahlia holds the raindrops   drip drop drip  drop   glowing   here I’m glowing   in the light that warms me like a smile warms the heart…

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  • It was your voice that moved me

    It was your voice that moved me

      It was your voice that moved me roaring waters in the molecules of space where I forgot what color it was in the universe orbiting the stars was it peaches and baby blue in every hue of crystalline views abounding was it red wine and gray in every shade of thunderous concertos resounding when I…

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  • tree of life

    tree of life

      tree of life tree of wonder give us strength in what rests under the sun new day has begun you wrap under a starry night you drape the morning leaves aflight with dew a symphony sung tree of wonder tree of life vivify the gardens in our eyes show us what blooms beyond the…

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  • to know Your love

    I look into Your face my King blinded here my soul can see You’re beautiful so beautiful   my God who should be out of reach comes close and I can hear Him breathe feel the ground shake in majesty watch Him entreat the oceans deep to move and sleep because He speaks a word…

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  • You are the candle burning softly

      You are the candle burning softly serenity of warmth and cinnamon a fiery hearth invading the shadows that beckon the depths of infinity when the light is fading around me a sparkle melts in the wax of a love You confide in the lyrics of Your heart spark the closeness once again ever embracing…

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  • Luminescent


      a peak into Your throne room eyes aflame to a light I’ve never seen before enthralled by a secret place where melodies drift in spaces of an atmosphere angels implore   I see You all I am longs for You   a trance into the heavens soul ablaze to a love I’ve never tasted…

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  • Pomegranate Lilac – Part 2

    Pomegranate Lilac – Part 2

    In the shadows of an ocean’s sleep, I feel the sea breeze flowing gently as I watch the waves stroll in. Caressing the earth under the stars of a night sky. Moonlight glows through the crinkles in the clouds. Moving ever softly. Seashells are washing up onto the shore like jewels coating a glimmering mosaic.…

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  • Pomegranate Lilac

    Pomegranate Lilac

    The warm summer air met my skin like dew drops on a flower. Moisture accumulating. Clear crystals of liquid resting ever so softly. It’s summertime and the season where every living thing exfoliates under the sun. Like an organic spa treatment. Cleansing the skin. An ongoing ritual of releasing and inhaling the atmosphere’s aura. sun…

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