Category: Poetry

  • Love Me Again

    Love Me Again

    love Me againGod saysI need you tolove Me againlove Me again tell me Youwant my loveJesustell me Youneed my love I want your loveMy BrideI need your loveMy lightlove Me againlove Me again like you didwhen youdidn’t carewhat it looked liketo give everythingfor Melove Me againlove Me again like you didwhen you didn’t carewhat it’d…

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  • I Saved You

    I Saved You

    can you seethe lighthouseat seaI am the lightthat makes you seeI save you I know what I did I saved you don’t question what He did you think I ruined your lifeI birthed your lifeI gave you flightI taught you to riseon highestpeaksin brightestskiesto seize thedeepbreathe love’sdelight this is your mission and you are My…

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  • Stronger Love

    Stronger Love

    A stronger loveour love O Godis a stronger lovethan any other lovecould be the historyof You and megoes back to whenYou breathedthe seasto floatuponthe majestyof creation You always keepYour devotionto me You fought for me other lovers triedto steal meawayother lovers triedto win meawayother lovers triedto peel mefrom Yourhandsbut theycould notstand a chancewhen I’m lockedwithin…

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  • She Says Goodbye

    She Says Goodbye

    you never thoughtit’d come to thisyou have to saygoodbyethe hand you’ve heldthrough lowsand highsfor years of lifeinclinesto riseand never come back how do you let gowhen you knowyou have to let go it’s never the right timeshe saysI’m not readyshe says her heart lies in waitingfor the moment Heaven’s takinghim awayinto the sunthe final goodbyehas…

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  • Speak The Truth

    Speak The Truth

    tell Me the truthsays your GodI want you totell Me the truthyou don’t need tohide behindwhat youthink theywant youto sayI know what youreallyfeel tell Methe truth I can handle the truthsays your Godthe ugly truththe messy truththe painful truththe lovely truthtell Me He wants the truth speak the truth His grace can handle the truthHis…

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  • I Fell In Love

    I Fell In Love

    I thought I let gobut I haven’thave Ihe comes backto my heartto my soulevery timeI close myeyes will it always be this way todayI heard the soundagainthe one I heardat lightof dawnand breakof dayswhere valley rainthrough window panesawakened meto hiscloseness Jesus I need Your nearnessto hold mewhen I feel like thiswhen the loveI had for…

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  • Tell Your Love Story

    Tell Your Love Story

    who would want to tell a love story I would again and again I smile

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  • Beautiful


    Bride of ChristBride of Christlet your beauty shineLove of ChristLove of Christlet your glory rise The King is comingto claim herto claimthe OneHe lovesThe King is comingto love herto lovethe OneHe chose He chose His Brideto reign on highbeside His lightwith holy fire we were madeto dwell in Heaven with Him we were madeto indwell…

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  • Jesus Speaks

    Jesus Speaks

      nourish mewith Your Wordand I will be satisfiedmy LordYour Wordis life to mesustaining meinspiring medirecting mewith truthYour kingswill cling toqueens willspeak toall You’ve doneour hearts stillneed Youand Yourlove Your love is truth the truth is Your Word His truth we long to live by it feels goodto do His Wordto follow His waysto trust…

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  • Throne Room

    Throne Room

    eyes openMy Kingsayscome to Methe Lordsaysbreathe in deepof future promisesunfolding in the Heavens close your eyes see Himtaking youwith Himto the waterfallsthat glistenin a technicolorThrone Room see more see the supernatural how do you dreamof Heavenhow do you dreamof Godhow do you thinkof Jesushow do you thinkof lovewhere angels abovehave witnessedand sungitsawestruckphenomenon love is a…

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