Category: Poetry

  • With Me

    With Me

      my King saysI love youmy Bridecome away with Metonight I need you to love me like thathow my God intervenes where does the path lead youwhen you leaveand seizethe roadwithout meare youlost without melow without mewoke without mecold without mebreathingin the fireof your soul do you findwhat you’re looking for I foundwhat I was…

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  • Play Your Love Song

    Play Your Love Song

    love songsI hear Your love songswhen You playthem again and againin autumn’s blissof rainbow kissesin the mistof lyric’spoetry play Your love songover mewhen it’s onlyme and YouI want to hearthe songs You choosehere underneaththe mango bloomsfast and slow He likes the rhythmfast and slowsteady temposteady flowwinding upthe curvy roadsbeside the coastof island goldis how it…

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  • Love Yourself

    Love Yourself

      love yourselfI need you tolove yourselfif you wantto love mehold mekeep mein your heartforever my love is a treasure I’ll only endeavorto weatherthe stormswith youif youshow meyour loveis truefor meand for you remember how to love you take notes on how to love me love is lavishlove is flaminglove is sultrylove is takingeverypartof the…

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  • Love Stays

    Love Stays

      you fell in love with meI’m sorryI made youfall in love with mewhen I knewit wouldcost youeverythingto have me does he have me he’ll always have me I’ll always have him here he has melike the sunforever fusesin the galaxiesinducingflaming hueswhen love is true there he has melike the deepends of the oceanhost devotioninterwovenwith…

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  • Face The Light

    Face The Light

    can you face it the light staring back at you I turned around and said goodbye to the night where fireflies said runaway and look away from flaming fires to God’s divine ferocious love for me dancing in the light of His love but there was another trial rising yet to face I had to…

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  • The First Time I Saw You

    The First Time I Saw You

    He loves me yes He loves me always tells me that He loves me over and over like He did

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  • He Loves My Confessions

    He Loves My Confessions

    confessions I love your confessions My child tell Me everything you wrote inside

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  • Take The Lead

    Take The Lead

    here in the moonlight Your Spirit waits for me to seek You to know You like You know me to love You like You love me

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  • To Live Without You

    To Live Without You

    heartbeat is there a heartbeat still there or am I dead now I didn’t want to be numb now but here I am a mess without you

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  • See Seas

    See Seas

    see seas of love in His eyes deep in the heart of the ocean love is woken passion’s spoken Heaven’s woven in the open sea of love’s eternity

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