Category: Poetry

  • Face To Face

    Face To Face

    I need to see Your face God I need to feel Your gaze staring into me like the sunlight into the sky like stars revel in the night

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  • The Mountainside

    The Mountainside

    the oceans they marvel but none move Me like you can

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  • Life Harbor

    Life Harbor

    I can feel Your ardor in the love You’re raining down it pours upon this soul You came to claim

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  • the Light that moves me

    the Light that moves me

    dance with Me under the starlight I want to show you something velvet envelops the space where lightning embarks and embroiders the stars

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  • Eagles in Flight

    His hands outstretch the heavens gleam His eyes alight fluorescent streams of wonder

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  • the Son rises

    the Son rises

    the sun rises in beauty with the morning dew drapes the pearls dusting the earth in wonder anew I marvel in the wonder of what I can see I ponder of the beauty still yet to be the mysteries enclosed in the caverns of Your Trinity encloak me in Your love where Your breath is…

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  • You are the melody ever playing

    You are the melody ever playing

    You are the melody ever playing in the reservoirs of my soul a spring of lilacs sashays to the pulse of a violin opening the clouds when the sun beams above me I feel Your warmth all around me resound the orchestra of Heaven’s zenith astound the wonders of earthen scenic spaces metamorphosing into Eden…

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  • angels break in

    angels break in

      contagions transcend the physical permeating the invisible reality of the human mind   the only cure is one touch from the Son who gives life purifying the confines of toxins that hide   in the shadows   light penetrates in the hollows finds a tunnel into the caves of darkness’ gallows   angels break…

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  • The Greeting of A King

    The Greeting of A King

      split open is the night as every eye awakens bright feel the warmth of Jesus’ smile welcoming souls into the light of love divine   living water is the fountain misting up within the grounds of Heaven’s stream   come away with me and drink   I can hear the spirit sing feel the…

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  • Lovers Love

    Lovers Love

    When You said, “Seek My face,” my heart said to You, “Your face, O Lord, I shall seek.” Psalm 27:8 What beckons the soul to choose the living God who chose us first. What moves my heart to need His love and find I’m alive from the light in His eyes. He wants us… beckons…

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