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  • Until Forever Comes…

      Drip dropping wax ice on glass molten lava ravishing a blade of grass it melts from a flame you can’t touch I tried once hand frozen in place despite the rush of fire seeping into my skin   There’s a scar there.   I like the reminder it gives me soon it will be […]

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  • Singleness and The Sex Conundrum

    There’s a real conundrum in the life of single people in Christianity. A sex conundrum. Yep. A sex conundrum. The church doesn’t like to talk about it. They pretend that people don’t struggle. But singles in the church are struggling. Most singles are experiencing the conundrum of sexual frustration or guilt and inability to be […]

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  • Seasons of Life

    Seasons of Life

    Life is full of seasons. Seasons of health. Seasons of sickness. Seasons of pressure. Seasons of ease. Seasons of excitement. Seasons of disappointment. Seasons of joy. Seasons of despair. Seasons of contentment. Seasons of frustration. These seasons, or cycles, of good and bad perpetuate in my life. And I’m starting to see that it’s the […]

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  • Getting to Know Jesus: Matthew 11

    Continuing in our study of Matthew, we see this week in chapter 11 how Jesus handles confusion from John the Baptist, how He handles unrepentance in this 1st century generation, and how He cares for the broken. Last chapter, Jesus began equipping the disciples with all they needed to begin ministry teaching, preaching, healing and […]

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