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  • One In A Trillion

    One In A Trillion

    One in a trillion. Once in a lifetime. One for an infinite eternity of love. You are the one Jesus loves. The one He melts for like you’re His only Beloved. Jesus says you are rare. Treasured. Priceless. Regal. Radiant. Adored. “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has…

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  • Stars Shine

    Stars Shine

    You sparked a supernova soaring in the sky en route to find me waiting for You in the chroma of the deep end of the ocean arc’s aroma

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  • Love Upholds You

    Love Upholds You

    Ageless. Ancient and blameless. Stainless. Flawless… Audacious… The God of eternity to eternity.

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  • Serve Glory

    Serve Glory

    Royalty begins with serving. Jesus bears the marks of One who serves. Calloused hands. Nail lacerations. Blood streaked. Sweat seeping into the pores. This is what it looks like to be the King of the Universe.

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  • Holy Love

    Holy Love

    Your presence is where I want to stay forever to encounter You to empower me to envelop me

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  • Glorified


    it’s who you are the eagle who soars the eagle who stands the eagle who unleashes an oasis onto dry land

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  • Lover In The Bay

    Lover In The Bay

    he has a lover in the bay there he loves her in the waves of fearless wonder you’re stronger so much stronger than the danger you’re higher so much higher than the nature all around me ever drowning in the crowning of the Son you are His son given to love she has a lover…

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  • Heaven’s Invitation

    Heaven’s Invitation

    Your eyes will behold holy beauty… “I want you to see all I have for you…” the Lord whispers softly.

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  • Belong To Jesus

    Belong To Jesus

    The Son of God is here… Mary’s contractions have now progressed into labor

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  • Awake With God

    Awake With God

    “Behold, He who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. The Lord is your keeper; the Lord is your shade on your right hand.” ♥️

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