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  • God Ordained You

    God Ordained You

    The day Jesus saved you, He commissioned you with power to share the good news of His salvation. The hope for humanity exists in your heart. The beauty of God dwells in your spirit. Jesus anoints you to illuminate His light in the world. You impact everyone around you with love and freedom as Jesus…

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  • One In A Trillion

    One In A Trillion

    One in a trillion. Once in a lifetime. One for an infinite eternity of love. You are the one Jesus loves. The one He melts for like you’re His only Beloved. Jesus says you are rare. Treasured. Priceless. Regal. Radiant. Adored. “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has…

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  • Release Date Oct 14: THE COLONEL

    Release Date Oct 14: THE COLONEL

        NOVEL RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCEMENT: THE COLONEL Available October 14, 2022 Chapter 1 Sneak Peek: …Beep! Beep! The sound of the bus interrupts my train of thought and I look over the sandy shore to the parking lot where our departure beckons. “It’s time to go, Lilly!” Jenna reminds me.  “I can’t go yet!…

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  • To Live Without You

    To Live Without You

    heartbeat is there a heartbeat still there or am I dead now I didn’t want to be numb now but here I am a mess without you

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  • First Look: THE COLONEL

    First Look: THE COLONEL

    “Blue eyes. Sapphire, lusicous blue eyes find me in the deep. Eyes close. Then open again. Still there. Do you want to see the angels?

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  • Stars Shine

    Stars Shine

    You sparked a supernova soaring in the sky en route to find me waiting for You in the chroma of the deep end of the ocean arc’s aroma

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  • Find Me

    Find Me

    find me in the morning waves of sunlight’s stage with love embraced when the day lights up

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  • Taste of Heaven

    Taste of Heaven

    He likes me salty… Sweet and spicy… Hot and icy… with a waterfire blazing at the edge of earth where Heaven converges… and hearts merge.

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  • Glowing


    He loves me so I don’t care what you think of me He craves me so I don’t mind if you wish you were dreaming like we dream and seeing what I see in His eyes of Heaven’s steaming waterfalls like hot springs in the mountain light   His love is glowing bright inside of…

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  • Glorified


    it’s who you are the eagle who soars the eagle who stands the eagle who unleashes an oasis onto dry land

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