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  • The Fire of Love

    The Fire of Love

    Spark it. Ignite it. Combust it. Detonate it in the day or in the night. Heaven’s hearth is burning bright where Jesus’ heart is open wide for His Beloved. Real love never stops beating with the heartbeat of Heaven. Heartbeats from God’s soul pulsate all the way to earth’s crust. Taste the magnitude of every…

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    Today I’m going to share some of my story of love with The Colonel. Where did Skye’s blue eyes come from? How does he empower Lilly? Never forget there is glory in your story. ”O afflicted one, storm-tossed and not comforted, behold, I will set your stones in antimony, and lay your foundations with sapphires.” Isaiah‬…

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  • I Fell In Love

    I Fell In Love

    I thought I let gobut I haven’thave Ihe comes backto my heartto my soulevery timeI close myeyes will it always be this way todayI heard the soundagainthe one I heardat lightof dawnand breakof dayswhere valley rainthrough window panesawakened meto hiscloseness Jesus I need Your nearnessto hold mewhen I feel like thiswhen the loveI had for…

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  • Leave A Legacy

    Leave A Legacy

    Make your mark. Your life was created to leave a legacy for Jesus.

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  • Learn From Jesus Part 2

    Learn From Jesus Part 2

    Part 2 of 2. Learn from Jesus. Temptation strengthens our hearts and souls when we seek the Lord. As I reflect upon my story of God’s mercy and kindness towards me in my own temptations, I discover more love than I ever knew before. His love is our victory. “And they have conquered him by…

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  • Dance For God

    Dance For God

    Gravity freezes in motion when the God of all land and ocean lifts you high into the sky to breach the Heavens. Twirl upon the clouds for Him. Leap across the stars for Him. Dance and sing like butterflies with wings He made for flight into infinity. God delights when you dance for Him. King…

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  • Go With God

    Go With God

    The Lord cries too… when He’s in love. Weeping willows surround the garden where the Lord cries and weeps for her. He breaks for her. Melts for her. Every part of his omniscience grieves for her because He knows what He is capable of. He could have absolved her pain. He could have stepped in…

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  • Short Story: The Stables

    Short Story: The Stables

    “Why him?” she asks. I look up at her brown eyes smirking with curiosity. Behind her, the rolling fields of clovers beckon the same question. Why him? Of all the ones you let get away without a tear, why are you breaking over this one? “You ask as if it’s an impossibility,” I say calmly,…

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  • Play Your Love Song

    Play Your Love Song

    love songsI hear Your love songswhen You playthem again and againin autumn’s blissof rainbow kissesin the mistof lyric’spoetry play Your love songover mewhen it’s onlyme and YouI want to hearthe songs You choosehere underneaththe mango bloomsfast and slow He likes the rhythmfast and slowsteady temposteady flowwinding upthe curvy roadsbeside the coastof island goldis how it…

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  • To Live Without You

    To Live Without You

    heartbeat is there a heartbeat still there or am I dead now I didn’t want to be numb now but here I am a mess without you

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