Tag: Passion

  • Bodyguard


    I have a bodyguard. The one whose got King of kings tattooed on His thigh. He knows when to wear black and when to wear white. He knows when to blend in and when to make a scene. He’s perceptive like that. He’s keen and aware like that. If you want to put your hands […]

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  • With Me

    With Me

      my King saysI love youmy Bridecome away with Metonight I need you to love me like thathow my God intervenes where does the path lead youwhen you leaveand seizethe roadwithout meare youlost without melow without mewoke without mecold without mebreathingin the fireof your soul do you findwhat you’re looking for I foundwhat I was […]

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  • Play Your Love Song

    Play Your Love Song

    love songsI hear Your love songswhen You playthem again and againin autumn’s blissof rainbow kissesin the mistof lyric’spoetry play Your love songover mewhen it’s onlyme and YouI want to hearthe songs You choosehere underneaththe mango bloomsfast and slow He likes the rhythmfast and slowsteady temposteady flowwinding upthe curvy roadsbeside the coastof island goldis how it […]

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  • Faith Up

    Faith Up

    Faith up. Rise up. Show up. Soar up high above the earth’s crust where hope dances in the hands of God. It’s here above the world you find a God superceding every thought and every question. His presence surpasses every mountain and penetrates every ocean. His heart is deep as the deepest sea and high […]

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