Tag: Passion

  • Patient Passionate Flames

    The King speaks with fire. Love’s desire. Combusts the flames of love transpired from His higher passion wired with a flaming heart of sapphires. You would admire it. If you could feel it. Can you feel it? Passionate love Don’t settle for less.

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  • His Song

    His Song

    unravel it unfurl it unhinge it ribbon by ribbon thread by thread the rawness of love the realness of being I said I didn’t love you but I didn’t mean it I said I didn’t need you but my soul could see it wasn’t true I tried to do what I had to do let…

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  • Forever Waits For Us

    Forever Waits For Us

    I wait for Himevery day I know He’ll come backto meevery night when the moonshines brightat twilightwaltzing into midnightHis loveignites primedwith heart and soulin stars of goldnever withholdsall He feelsfor me His love isheart-throbbing I wait for herevery day I know she’ll stay herewith meevery night when the rosestower highat twilightbudding into midnightHer lovelights primedwith…

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  • Pursue


    He pursues me always pursues me first He loves me always loves me first

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  • Cut The Ribbon

    Cut The Ribbon

    Radiant. Tight and taut. You stretch the ribbon adorning the entryway to the promised land where you dive in to occupy residence. The bow is tied. It waits shiny and red. Untouched with the best threads of silk. One incision will slice the ribbon. Unfurl the vision of Heaven. Where paradise begins…

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  • New Book: The Colonel

    New Book: The Colonel

    New novel THE COLONEL. Coming this FALL 2022! This book ignited from a place of miraculous love and Heaven’s touch.

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  • The King’s Beloved

    The King’s Beloved

    Bold faith. Fierce faith. Intelligent faith. Determined faith. God’s Beloved walks in power. Beauty. Ferocity. Energy. She cowers to nobody.

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  • Marked By Jesus: Mark 1:29-34

    Marked By Jesus: Mark 1:29-34

    His feet move powerfully marking footprints in the sand where the shore glides up to the imprint. Its water dances softly into the sea leaving the marking. The holy marking. The sacred marking. Jesus’ feet.

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  • Charisma


    Halona swirls Kailua twirls when you’re sleeping by the shore Waimea curls Manoa whirls when I’m dreaming by the door of His Stairway to Heaven

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  • Wear His Name

    Wear His Name

    Heaven’s veil drapes the crown adorned for His bride taking His name under the sunlight. Her crown dazzles from the jewels He made for her inscribing His name upon her.

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