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  • Worthy King

    Worthy King

    You still love meI didn’t know your heartstill loved melike it doesbut it doesand it runsthrough my mindto my heartto my soulevery timeI see Your eyes I Am always in love with youMy Bridesays the fireof love’s delightHis love is my lifeHis life is my lightto light up the daysand the coldest of nights I…

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  • My Future Son

    My Future Son

    to my future sonthe worldhasn’t met you yetbut Heavensees the breathyou’ll takefor thefirst timewhen the lightinvitesyour eyesto shine your timeis perfectorchestratedby the highestGod who reignsover the earth wisdom is your crownjustice is the soundyour voice will makewhen nations rageHis truth you claimhonor you takealong with youwhereveryou go aspire to Jesuswhen they tell youwhat a manshould beHe is what…

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  • Share Your Heart

    Share Your Heart

    break the locksbreak the vaulttalk about itshout about itcry about itsing about itlift your heartand let it outthe thingsyou hideHe will revivein opendisclosure share your heartover and over it’s whoyou arethat brings Him closer Jesus loves to be close to you Jesus loveswho you really arehow you really feelwhy you really singhow you really bringYour…

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  • Feel The Spirit

    Feel The Spirit

    more than wordsI want relationshipsthat are morethan wordscan saygive me the soulgive me the heartgive me the timelessworks of artyour stars displayno room for gamesin mouthsof spadesfightingtheir wayto resonatewith God’s Beloved say it clearsay it herewhere every earcan hearwhat’s near our God is near say what you meanmean what you say more than words I…

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    wanted there Heaven says you’re wanted there you’re needed there you’re treasured there

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  • Bring Healing – Poem Part 2

    Bring Healing – Poem Part 2

    cherished ones see how the Lord has won hear how the King’s own son

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  • Bring Healing – Poem Part 1

    Bring Healing – Poem Part 1

    fire fall from Heaven let Your Spirit flow abandoned fill the canyons of your living water

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  • He Made You Woman

    He Made You Woman

    beauty what is beauty she doesn’t need a charming tone her voice speaks

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  • Stand Up Queen

    Stand Up Queen

    stand up rose when the sky hails and snows stand up Queen when the hurricane rains stand up straight

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  • Emergency Switch

    Emergency Switch

    emergency switch I press the emergency switch the off switch the done switch the cold switch I’m over it

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