The Mountainside

when I look at the world I created
the flowers are lovely
but none mesmerize Me like you can
He says
the oceans they marvel
but none move Me
like you can

You’re beautiful
my Lord

they want to touch me
but no one can touch me like You can

they want to own me
but no one can have me like You can

they wanted to swoon me
move me
allure me
and keep me enchanted

then You whisper
no one can hold you like I can
I believe it
they can’t
love me like You can

so I fly up high to the mountainside
where deer unwind
and butterflies find
no one can love me like
You do
my King of kings
the Lord of life

angels arise
in the clefts of the rock
where the seraphim sing

You’re beautiful
my Lord

roses white
and red
blooming beneath
the soil where treasures rest
gleaming I come to give you
my best

Your face
it  g l i s t e n s

no one can love me like You do
and I want
but You

“My beloved is mine, and I am His; He grazes among the lilies. Until the day breathes and the shadows flee, turn, my beloved, be like a gazelle or a young stag on cleft mountains.”
‭‭♥️ Song of Solomon‬ ‭2:16-17‬

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