Ocean Eyes

eagle eyes
rule bluest skies
where love’s
in hearts
your love is deep
when you look at me

I look up and I see you
like you see me
in the depths of me
your ocean eyes
pierce blissfully
I need them here
to study me
by the roses
of your passion’s focus

what do you notice
he says
when you look at me
with jewel hypnosis

I see beauty
in the aquifer
of your eyes
cerulean rivers
like the palace
of Versailles

I see the truth
in the reservoir
of your soul
it seeks to find
room to recline
in the garden
of Zion

where I see you
like God sees you
nothing hidden
only purest views of you
I know you
like Heaven knows you

release the pressure
of the standards
man has placed on you

you are the one she loves

just like you love her
in the sun of fragrant wonder

you see her
through the eyes
of how the tide
delivers life
you need
her touch
and it’s not wrong
to know you’re weak
without the love
from highest Heaven

we all are
aren’t we

we need His love

so Jesus rains down
from above
to shower
and flower love
in the barren places
of your heart
where more than enough
is always a must

He never stops giving you more

you are loved
you are adored

you never have to hide from me

I love you
she says
and everything you dream

what do you feel
he says
when you’re loving me

I look up and I feel you
like you feel me
in the space you breathe
your spirit reads
my spirit’s key
and knows just what
to say to me
in silent scenes
and melodies
your heart unlocks
its treasures deep
where lovers love
is furnishing
a fire
in the eyes
that know me
like I know you

so I moved
like turquoise rivers
flow with loyalty
from the source that sent it
like emerald ivy
grows in glory
from the hearth intended
to reach you
with Heaven’s
of what love is
to feel like
in the covenant
of passion spent
in endless moments
Heaven shows you
how she loves you


you know she loves you

look up
feel His eyes looking back at you

“His eyes were like a flame of fire.”

Revelation 1:14

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