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Diamonds Underneath

a trillion pearls
adorn the gateway
to the glory
of the Lord

a trillion twirls
inform me
of the grandeur

look at Me
You say

close your eyes

can you close your eyes
and see
God looking back at you
He wants to
see you
see Him
like He sees you
in the halls
of Heaven’s glory
peering through the world

we see You Lord
show us more of You
transport us
in the whirlwind
of Your majesty
to Heavens’ doors

there’s a garden
the glassy floor
of sapphires
in the throne room
of the Lord
you see it
when you’re at His feet
where dancers leap
and lovers keep
their ardor sweet
and treasures deep
in the heart
of the Tree
of Life
He engrained
your name
in the Book
of the Most High

it’s beautiful
Your Heavens, God

can you open your eyes
and see
God looking into you
saying I love you
like I loved you
when I made you
and I see you
for the diamonds
that I find
in you

I heard you
when you told
them you love Me
I trust your heart
to never leave Me
for another

stars twinkle
my feet
when You dance
with me

moonlight sprinkles
the deep
when You speak
to me

floats for us
You’re the King
of the Universe
You hold everything
You know everything
You lead everything
You see everything

Jesus, I love You
because You see
what’s underneath
my skin
precious blood
hidden gems
Your Spirit’s love
my heart’s essence

show us diamonds underneath
the skies You keep
show them diamonds underneath
the cries of kings
and hearts of queens
who see they’re weak
with fragility
but you ordained humanity
to shine with strength
in the delicacy
of flesh and spirit
by Your Spirit

there’s beauty underneath you

let God show you
His diamonds

“God is in her palaces; He is known as her refuge.”

Psalm 48:3

“The eternal God is your dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms.”
‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭33:27

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