The Dancing Ballerina

There’s a ballerina dancing on the horizon. Do you see her? When the light shines? God shines in her. She doesn’t dance for just anyone. But she’ll fight for you even if you’re the only one who needs her. Warriors never die. But they do incur the limelight of a villain’s cry in the moonlight hunting her for the light she shines on the earth. Demons hate the light. But she won’t run and hide when they come out at night. She keeps dancing for her King. Wars for her King. Serves her King. Honors her King. She loves her King.

Where are the ones who shine, she says?

Then she found one. A light who loved The King too. A human man who shines the light too.

She fell in love… And so did he… But he already had a ring when feelings burst free in the moment of meeting. Her reaction was to love and love with abandon. His reaction was to hide it and keep love a phantom of his heart’s desire.

But love cannot be hidden for the dancing ballerina…

Dance openly on the horizon, she did. Under the oak leaves. Across the ocean. Into the motion of the rhythm of his heart. She loved the phantom of the opera who sung her, “I need you to love me.”

She danced into his soul. He danced into her eyes. They felt the moment of connection at the onset of its genesis. But love always has a nemesis and fear is the prognosis. So she looked up to Heaven and found that fear would not sever the way she felt for him. Did he look up to Heaven to find that his heart could be honest when they came asking about her name? He would not expose it. Chose to deny it. Willingly hid the light to the point of expulsion and the dancing ballerina was left alone.

The ballerina walked the plank.

The man she loved ran away and sang, “I didn’t love her.”

Then the rooster crowed three times.

And he knew his heart had lied.

But a warrior never dies. The ballerina rose aflight from the depths of the ocean’s riptides when the real lover appeared… the one she finally saw ever clear… it was Jesus. The one who came running when they encircled her chanting death. The one who wore red when they taunted her and poured out their own dirty water on her white threads. He scooped her up… and the demons ran away.

Jesus… He is the One who loves her most. The One she loves and completely knows will never leave her. No fear, no threat could prevent Him from loving her. No danger, no war zone could keep Him from fighting for her.

Don’t give your heart to dogs, they say. Don’t give your love nor your beauty away. They’ll take a ballerina’s bouquet and rip it to shreds on a blood-stained grave of hidden yesterdays. Is it a crime she loved him? Even when he tried ruin her and the crown she claimed?

It’s time to give him up now, my child. I saw your faith. But he cannot love you, He says. The One soaked in red from a sinner’s death bloodied and tread with markings and scars from the dark abyss of sea He swam through to find beauty in the deep. Jesus prevails forever. He is the one who claims her heart.

The lesson of love in too deep is this:
She told him she loved him. He made his move in the open. She spoke the unspoken. But in the heat of battle they tore her to pieces and he let them, to save himself. Now The King says, “her heart belongs to someone else.” Remember who you belong to.

The dancing ballerina doesn’t belong to a human anymore. Only her God. Only her King.

Where is she now?

She’s still dancing…

She’s still loving…

Loving Jesus.

Look to the light… And you’ll see God dancing with her.

“Praise Him with tambourine and dance; praise Him with strings and pipe!”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭150:4‬

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