Category: Glory of God

  • God Chose You

    God Chose You

    God chose you and anointed you with His mighty power. God inspired you and sanctified you with the blood of the Lamb. “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” ‭‭ Jeremiah‬ ‭1‬:‭5‬ God sets you…

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  • Jesus Reigns Supreme

    Jesus Reigns Supreme

    Sound the gong for the Most High God. Lift your voice to the One who reigns supreme. Move your feet. Speak the Name. The Name of Jesus.

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  • God Carries The World

    God Carries The World

    Thank you for loving me like You do. Upholding me like You do. Stabilizing me like You do, in the arm of mightiest infrastructure. The world is heavy isn’t it… It weighs on me like an avalanche sometimes. But You lift me up from the depths every time because You’re everywhere I am. My God…

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  • Stars Shine

    Stars Shine

    You sparked a supernova soaring in the sky en route to find me waiting for You in the chroma of the deep end of the ocean arc’s aroma

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  • Wear His Name

    Wear His Name

    Heaven’s veil drapes the crown adorned for His bride taking His name under the sunlight. Her crown dazzles from the jewels He made for her inscribing His name upon her.

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  • Paint Beauty

    Paint Beauty

    An open canvas gleams in white awaiting colors of the rainbow. It beckons You to show it how to fly. How to speak. How to dream with imagery. How to shine most passionately. When you paint eternity into the hearts who crave the King.

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  • Heart Lashes

    Heart Lashes

    Close your eyes. Remember how he looks at you. He’s got lashes on his heart, fluttering freely. Batting wildly. Full and luscious. Dark and lavish. Like the ones he made to frame the ocular lens. God’s eyes gaze intimate. His heart connects at the instant He draws you in close to Him.

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  • Love Upholds You

    Love Upholds You

    Ageless. Ancient and blameless. Stainless. Flawless… Audacious… The God of eternity to eternity.

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  • Holy Love

    Holy Love

    Your presence is where I want to stay forever to encounter You to empower me to envelop me

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  • A Kingdom House

    A Kingdom House

    Shining… I’m shining in the lovelight of Your voice singing in the clouds at sunrise. Standing…

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