Category: Heaven

  • See New Heaven

    See New Heaven

    New Heaven. Jesus awaits New Heaven with you where the waterfalls flow outside of time and gravity. It’s a fluorescent flowing. A technicolor light of indigo and sunflower…

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  • A New Name

    A New Name

    God sees you. Who you are. Who you embody. What you herald. What you champion. The One who sent Himself to earth to claim you will return to make you His.

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  • Children Live Forever

    Children Live Forever

    Live forever. Dance forever. Sing forever. Smile forever in the Heavens God made for you. God’s Kingdom was built for you. God’s children are His joy

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  • Drain The Sea

    Drain The Sea

    Light flashes. Thunder roars. Clouds roll. Sounds barrel from the holy One running for His Bride when the sky opens. Behold the glory… it’s a once in a lifetime occurence. The only occurence of the second return of Christ. He is coming and when He does, He will bring peace to the world. God’s arms…

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  • Throne Room

    Throne Room

    eyes openMy Kingsayscome to Methe Lordsaysbreathe in deepof future promisesunfolding in the Heavens close your eyes see Himtaking youwith Himto the waterfallsthat glistenin a technicolorThrone Room see more see the supernatural how do you dreamof Heavenhow do you dreamof Godhow do you thinkof Jesushow do you thinkof lovewhere angels abovehave witnessedand sungitsawestruckphenomenon love is a…

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  • Euphoric Environment

    Euphoric Environment

    Euphoric environments. The space where technicolor fireflies invigorate your eyes. The place where butterflies and mountian lions comprise our circle of life. Higher resolution bursts with things you’ve never seen before. Angels. Celestial life. Cosmic light. Jesus wants to bring us into His paradise. Heaven’s oasis. Jesus likes His environment. The one He cultivates and…

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  • Heaven’s Paradigm

    Heaven’s Paradigm

    Different. God says you are different than all the others. Intricately designed. Remarkably constructed. Idiosyncratically wired. To be you… You are precious and one-of-a-kind. Be different. “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s…

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  • Split The Sky

    Split The Sky

    Thunder roared when the sky soared higher and higher into the galaxies converging. Lightning sparkled… in the showcase of a starry night unfurling like ribbons of silk in the waters beneath.

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  • Paradise Found

    Paradise Found

    Paradise is every moment spent with you… next to you… there with you… here with you… the highest of highest peaks in mountains stretched to eternity.

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  • Heaven’s Invitation

    Heaven’s Invitation

    Your eyes will behold holy beauty… “I want you to see all I have for you…” the Lord whispers softly.

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