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  • When Death Meets Eternity

    When Death Meets Eternity

      I can feel the sand beneath my feet. Light welcoming the day anew. Ocean salt lingering in the moisture of a sky far removed from the plagues that touchdown on land. It’s seventy eight degrees on the Texas coast and I feel 180 degrees away from the frenzy of a world caught in paranoia.…

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  • Luminescent


      a peak into Your throne room eyes aflame to a light I’ve never seen before enthralled by a secret place where melodies drift in spaces of an atmosphere angels implore   I see You all I am longs for You   a trance into the heavens soul ablaze to a love I’ve never tasted…

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  • Waiting for Jesus

    I wonder what it will be like seeing Jesus for the first time… After all the time spent getting to know someone so deeply who you’ve never seen, never touched, never spoken to directly…all of it will change in a moment and suddenly there’s no more hoping anymore, no more wondering anymore, no more waiting…

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  • Hope of Heaven & The Hope of Christ: An Eschatological Imperative

    The topic of “heaven” is one of the most penned topics in the realm of prose and poetry, and one of the most illustrated points of artistry. Countless television shows describe individuals’ having out-of-body experiences involving heaven. Movies depict those who claim to have gone there. Heaven remains a fascination for humans. And while some…

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