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  • Love Me Again

    Love Me Again

    love Me againGod saysI need you tolove Me againlove Me again tell me Youwant my loveJesustell me Youneed my love I want your loveMy BrideI need your loveMy lightlove Me againlove Me again like you didwhen youdidn’t carewhat it looked liketo give everythingfor Melove Me againlove Me again like you didwhen you didn’t carewhat it’d…

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  • Stronger Love

    Stronger Love

    A stronger loveour love O Godis a stronger lovethan any other lovecould be the historyof You and megoes back to whenYou breathedthe seasto floatuponthe majestyof creation You always keepYour devotionto me You fought for me other lovers triedto steal meawayother lovers triedto win meawayother lovers triedto peel mefrom Yourhandsbut theycould notstand a chancewhen I’m lockedwithin…

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  • God Wants To Be With You

    God Wants To Be With You

    God wants to go with you wherever you are. His Holy Spirit desires to be present with you.  King David said, “He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.”‭‭Psalm‬ ‭23‬:‭2‬-‭3‬ ‭ David loved God’s…

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  • Dance For God

    Dance For God

    Gravity freezes in motion when the God of all land and ocean lifts you high into the sky to breach the Heavens. Twirl upon the clouds for Him. Leap across the stars for Him. Dance and sing like butterflies with wings He made for flight into infinity. God delights when you dance for Him. King…

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  • Throne Room

    Throne Room

    eyes openMy Kingsayscome to Methe Lordsaysbreathe in deepof future promisesunfolding in the Heavens close your eyes see Himtaking youwith Himto the waterfallsthat glistenin a technicolorThrone Room see more see the supernatural how do you dreamof Heavenhow do you dreamof Godhow do you thinkof Jesushow do you thinkof lovewhere angels abovehave witnessedand sungitsawestruckphenomenon love is a…

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  • Supernatural Love

    Supernatural Love

      Endless love… I rest here in His endless love because I feel it supernaturally. Cosmically. Intrinsically. He wakens me to hear His presence over me and with me all around. Feel His love for you… Endless love… rest here in His endless love washing over you. Adoring you. Imploring you to trust Him with…

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  • The First Time I Saw You

    The First Time I Saw You

    He loves me yes He loves me always tells me that He loves me over and over like He did

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  • Blessed Hearts

    Blessed Hearts

    Lavish love. He gives me lavish love… lavish living… lavish affection… lavish lilies blossoming in the garden He planted Himself. What do you give the King of the universe? Every longing. Every desire.

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  • His Love Pursues Me

    His Love Pursues Me

    where is the one I love He says where is the one I seek I see her in the forest’s light I see her when I dream where is the one I love He says where is the one I prize I found her by the savory seas I found her in My eyes I…

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  • Hold Me Close

    Hold Me Close

    its beautiful what You said when only I could hear You

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