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  • The Fire of Love

    The Fire of Love

    Spark it. Ignite it. Combust it. Detonate it in the day or in the night. Heaven’s hearth is burning bright where Jesus’ heart is open wide for His Beloved. Real love never stops beating with the heartbeat of Heaven. Heartbeats from God’s soul pulsate all the way to earth’s crust. Taste the magnitude of every…

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  • Worthy King

    Worthy King

    You still love meI didn’t know your heartstill loved melike it doesbut it doesand it runsthrough my mindto my heartto my soulevery timeI see Your eyes I Am always in love with youMy Bridesays the fireof love’s delightHis love is my lifeHis life is my lightto light up the daysand the coldest of nights I…

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  • Royalty Only

    Royalty Only

    Royalty treasured. Royalty given. Royalty honored. Royalty bestowed. God bestows it. Royalty denotes the extravagant worth of one’s soul, so much that Jesus Himself would break through the space between Heaven and earth to be God with us. Immanuel. A Royal King. A Royal Creator of His holy and chosen people. You are treasured in…

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  • Captivated By Love

    Captivated By Love

    Jesus’ spirit lives captivated by love. He shines captivated by love. He glows captivated by love. Love defines everything God does in the expanse of a universe made by Him. It’s all for Him. Life and everything within the creation He founded. The hands of the holy one graced the empty space and formed from…

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  • Guard The Love

    Guard The Love

    He awakens love in you. A holy love from Heaven’s hands of grace. A love undeserving. A love unfading. A love ever-enduring into the sunset and sunrise. When God awakens love, it lasts forever. He guards His love so that no one can take it from Him.

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  • Look Out For Others

    Look Out For Others

    He sees my scars. He sees my thoughts. He sees my flaws. He sees the costs I paid to follow Him unto the ends of the earth. My God sees it all.

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  • Love Won’t Leave

    Love Won’t Leave

    Love dwells forever in the heart of God. It never stops. It never ceases. Love flames with fiery passion of devotion for His beloved. Let His love impact your heart. Let His love breathe on the earth from Heaven.

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  • Jesus Relationships Flourish

    Jesus Relationships Flourish

    Love for Jesus prepares you for healthy relationships. Relationships flourish when there is love for Jesus present. God created marriage between a man and woman who seek Him. Seeking Jesus gives you wholeness and satisfaction in His love. One day with Jesus surpasses it all. His love ignites your purpose.  “For a day in your…

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  • God Fought For Love

    God Fought For Love

    Battles call to you everyday. To fight for that. To fight for this. To fight for fun. To fight for kicks. God has one battle to fight: the battle for your soul. He fights the devil for you, to win you and keep you. He fights the war for you, to save you and bring…

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  • See New Heaven

    See New Heaven

    New Heaven. Jesus awaits New Heaven with you where the waterfalls flow outside of time and gravity. It’s a fluorescent flowing. A technicolor light of indigo and sunflower…

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