God is with you loved one

He is with you ever close

His heart for you is beaming

with a love of grandiose



He imposes

and his heart always discloses

every thought

i’m safe

here in the doses

of the never-ending love

my King has bought


wind blowing here and there

i feel it everywhere

splendor coming near again

i feel it in the air


linger here…

stay awhile…


at dawn I see a glimpse of glory

the sun is coming up



our hearts are waking up



He supposes

are the sweet spot

to language of my heart


He disposes

every fear

the dawn ensuing here has brought


birds singing here and there

i hear it everywhere

the King is coming close again

i feel it in the air


linger here…

stay awhile…


how fascinating this love abounds

i know not why or how

for as I run

and as I stray

you chase me anyway



He proposes

and my soul will never say no to Him

it’s caught


He encloses me

within the love He’s sought


He lingers here…

forever stays…


at dusk I see a glimpse of glory

the moon is coming up



my soul is waking up


for in the night I feel you near

my King He’s dwelling here

and as I sleep

I know it’s clear

roses meet me here



© 2018 Natalie Edwards


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