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a mother’s melody: mourning to morning

Morning marys song cover


is the light Your skin illuminates

in the fragments falling down

I see Your heartbeat

through the lace-like flesh with incense

flowing out


how could I look away from You

the baby boy

I nursed to sleep

I think of days I held you close

in lullaby’s melodies

underneath the evening stars

forever You upkeep


cut me open and beside You I will be


my arms

can feel Your scars

cut by the ones You birthed

to being


I love you more than you can think

3 days you’ll see

My blood

they need


You sing

a melody

over me


they know not what they do You spoke

my ears heard every word

You wrote


a holy adornment of blood and water


speaks over me

a fresh aroma of purity


kindness to enemies

to those who mocked You

the King of Kings



has met

the hues of my face

my heartbeat grows faint

but Your love

is awake


so I will await

as the dawn breaks to day


for my Son said

the Morning






“Standing by the cross of Jesus were His mother and His mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopus, and Mary Magdalene.”

John 19:25



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