Heaven Will Open


I can hear the sound
of Heaven
where My Love
is waiting for me
never slumbers
never sleeps
always infusing
in my every dream

the compilation
of the King
my heart was made
to live and breathe
more than just
it’s a touch
where Your sensation
jolts the earth in correlation
with Heaven’s
given the keys
to Your holy gates
where impartations
in one holy gaze

there’s always more
He longs to tell me

let Him speak to you

Jesus You’re the only Love
I need to know
the only One
who holds me close
your Spirit soaks my soul
in wonders glimmering

gushing streams
of gold and fire
running wild
for Me

surging waters
of silver and ice
flowing serenity
over me

I live to love You

I’m coming back for you My love
I said I would
My words are good
look in My eyes
and see delight
to know
you’re looking
on the edge of eternity
for Me
the King of kings

Heaven will open for you

when I see You
looking back at me
my heart can’t help but
count the days between
when I’m with
nothing else can
from Your love
my King forever
open Heaven for us

come back Jesus

My love
I’m coming back soon

“The One who testifies to these things says, “Surely, I am coming quickly!” Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!” ✨Revelation 22:20

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