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The Seashore

Your lips O Lord
caress me
like the oceans caress
the seashore
at dusk
of Heaven’s wanderlust

it’s pure
angelic allure
divinely enamored
with the King
whose touch
the surge
of calamity
with an incandescent

kiss me
till I’m glistening
from the ointment
to Heaven’s symphony
of passion
flowing out

you’re beautiful
My love

your eyes
are wonder
when I cover you
under the stars
mesmerize Me
in the moonlight
where the sound
of thunder
with the dawn

we are the denouement

bask in My song
of the Spirit
you to dance
upon the waves
of Zion’s

twirl me
into the echelon
of Heaven where
You satisfy me God

embrace me
with Your kisses

“Steadfast love and faithfulness meet; righteousness and peace kiss each other.”  Psalm‬ ‭85:10‬

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