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Jesus Is Here

the hummingbirds flew away this morning
en route to somewhere new
on the horizon blue

where are you
he says

she’s not here
he says
and when she’s not here
all I think about is you
the way you love me like you do
I need your love
to carry me out of the tomb
into the skies
where hummingbirds flew
to meet the One who calls them to rise

my love
tell me why
you’re awake tonight

she’s not here
and when she is
she doesn’t talk to me like you do
she doesn’t nurture me like you do
she’s doesn’t see me under the moon
when the nightfall consumes
I was her man
drenched in desire’s allure
now I’m the footsteps
on a mahogany floor
we wanted more
than this
vowed the future was limitless
but the silence is endless
I need you to console me like you do

the One I call at night
the King of life
Jesus Christ
He is the One
who makes you come alive
He has the comfort you’re inclined
to hearing
in the frequency
of healing’s remedy
it’s Jesus you were feeling
it’s Jesus you were needing all along
to feel at home
when no one else is
Holy Spirit invoke the medicine
from Your own hands

He loves you
your God who knew you
before time began

He is here

the Lord who loves you

and when He’s here
all He thinks about is you
the way He loves you ever true

He takes you with Him into new
depths of the ocean blue
out of the tomb
to rise again
and love her too
He delights in you

be near to Him

let Him hold you
when the katydids sing at night
the fireflies are burning bright for you
because He told them to
the seas at bay
are stirring waters awake
because I asked them to
play you a lullaby
when the nighttime
dive into the water
let Him be your God and Father
present for you
He waits for you
to be there for you
in the deep ends of the soul
where true intimacy goes

when Jesus is here

and when He’s here
you are never alone

the hummingbirds flew in this morning
carrying the news
of your Father restoring
love in bloom
where roses grew
in a garden He planted for you
then New Heaven and Earth
will sing the song
Jesus is here

Jesus is here

He was with you all along
now is the time to seek Him at dawn

“Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always.” 1 Chronicles 16:11

“The Lord will send His faithful love in the daytime; And His song will be with me in the night, A prayer to the God of my life.”

Psalm 42:8

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