Love Life

what is a lovelife
I gave it up years ago
when I said I would go
anywhere for You God
and I did

the battlefield
became the intimate
companion of my sentiments

what is a lovelife
I stopped waiting years ago
when the road I had to go
travelled away from it
and I was willing to
abandon it
for You Lord
and I did
I’d do it again

the mission field sends
Your warriors on a different
where normalcy isn’t given
and stability isn’t promised
in the hourglass
of responsibilities past
and present
the future belongs to You
and our job is to point the soul to You

but I feel You
all around me
and I felt You
always with Me

like in the early days
as a child
I heard Your voice
billowing to find
You on the higher ground
and so I did
and I’d do it again

since from my youth
my soul would choose
and I’d do it again

if this was the life
You ordained me to live
for Your glory my soul
will obey to commit
every second
to seeing Your salvation
on earth as in Heaven
like You ever did
when your body was given
for us ever smitten
my Lord
Your ways are better Lord
Your love is better


what is a lovelife

it’s You Lord
it’s everything You do Lord
and everything You say Lord
it’s everything You breathe Lord
more and more
I found the One
I was looking for
and I won’t lose You again
my Lord
I need You more

lead me on

and we will go
farther into the territory
of Your love

to love life forever

“You gave me life and faithful love, and Your care has guarded my life.”
‭‭Job‬ ‭10:12‬

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