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I left the beach
where I knew you would be
rolling waves
in the filigree
of footprints in the sand
where is the man
I fell in love with
at the sight
of Autumn’s light
come back again
my love’s bandwidth is high
my strength anchored
in the sky
high and wide
nothing you can do
to make me deny
you but it’s time
that I remind
who you are
you’re better than this
higher than this
wiser than this
of solace
in avoidance
of the roots
we’re tethered in
speak up again
be the eagle
in mind and heart
you know what is true
there was an elephant
in the room
and elephants love me
because I say the truth
sparkling in the waters light
with passion in your eyes
I said it
what we both felt
in moments
fire ignited
can you blame me
I let you blame me
you knew my heart was pure
when I beckoned you
to the seashore
why did you doubt it
question and drown it
in a sea of thoughts
telling you
not to be true
they made you fear
what honesty would do
they tell me
I shouldn’t be close to you
they say I cannot make love to you
but you make love to me
with your eyes and your smile
I drive you wild
when it’s you and I
soul to spirit
but you deny it
when they ask you
the man I fell in love with
takes responsibility
speaks his mind
won’t run
nor hide
when the enemy cries
time to rediscover
this man inside
the man whom I love
doesn’t halt in fear
nor are you one
to disappear
when calamity heats
up into the night
you surge bright
into the light
of dawn
in the sky
you win victory
reviving the land
it’s who you are
the eagle who soars
the eagle who stands
the eagle who unleashes
an oasis onto dry land
you are the man
God loves
don’t be shaken now
remember it’s in you
your zeal
your courage
my love
be true to who you are
unveiling our hearts
doesn’t make us sin
to say what is churning within
true feelings
of a person’s being
is healthy
is freeing
you will never be my secrecy
but am I lost at sea
trying to love you
like Hosea loved Gomer
like Jesus loved Israel
we love you
although you won’t be true
to who we are
to you
but Hosea pursues
and Jesus ensues
to take up the cross
for His lover
and I will too
my love
is too strong to deny
‘cause my love is glorified
in your eyes
every time
you look at me
rippling into Heaven’s light
I don’t regret it
loving you
into more
because of it
I’m going back to the beach
where I know you’ll be
because I love you
and you’re in me
when I think
of your intricacies
I see your complexities
I remember
I know who you are within
my king
you’ll be true
in the end
“Lord, who may dwell in your sacred tent? Who may live on your holy mountain?”
‭‭The one who lives honestly, practices righteousness, and acknowledges the truth in his heart.” 
‭‭Psalm 15:1-2
“Jesus said, “All Mine are Yours, and Yours are Mine, and I am glorified in them.” 
‭‭John‬ ‭17:10‬ ‭

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