Chosen For Love

Do you love me? I hear His whisper in my ear… gentle and intimate. With His arms wrapped around me… I like how He asks me though He already knows the answer. You know I love you, Lord… I know, He says… I love to hear you say it. And I say it again… I love you. I always have… I always will… it’s in my DNA… your DNA… that I inscribed in the blueprint of life birthed in the Heavens from My creation.

I chose you to be Mine. Because I wanted you to be Mine.

The fire burns on the seashore where the night has settled in but the daylight is glistening in His eyes and in His body holding me tight. I’m yours, Lord… you know I’m yours…

You’ll always have me… remember…

Train up a child in the way they should go, and when they are old they will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

He chose me for love…

The station where trains and automobiles depart will never find me waiting for a ticket anywhere but with You. I couldn’t leave you if I wanted to… and I never have wanted to. All I want is You… and everything You do… everything You are… everything You bring… everything you see and destined for me.

He found me when I was just a child. The King of wonder…

I always wondered about Him…

Wanted more of Him…

Thought of Him…

The nighttime would fall and His melody would rise in my heart to greet me. Why did you choose me? I ask Him… I love you… my Bride. My Lover.

I’m glad He did… choose me to be His lover.

Me and Him… I wanted you to be Mine… He always tells me. Just Mine. I feel like He made me just for Him. That I was birthed just to be His. My purpose… to love Him and lavish Him with my love more and more…

He loves to claim me… to seize me… to kiss me… to hold me until the light bends into the other hemisphere where day and night hinge on the timing of His design. He carries me into the stratosphere to watch the great divide of sun and moon colliding, inviting the stars to shine on the world below.

Make them shine for me, I ask Him… He says… tell me your favorite star. I know which one… smiling as I think about where and how I saw the lightning of its trail. The one You sent to me that night. The one I saw underneath the moonlight on the day You moved in our hearts and in the earth to stir a Holy Spirit movement of healing and atonement. It meant something… when I saw it. Show me again.

See it when you look at Me… 

I Am the shooting star… the light of love sparkling for you. 

God is the light

illuminating the sky

roses budding in the violet

loud and quiet

calm and vibrant


of silken ballets

chosen for this moment

finding lace woven

in the foliage

of a dress

He’s making for me

show me the gown

You’re making for me

to glow in Your love

drape me in Heaven under

the starlight

See the lovelight… It travels for you… lightspeed… lightyears away but at the sound of My voice bolts right back into your space where your eyes glimpse the milkyway I made for you. See how they twinkle for you… they don’t hold a candle to how I burn for you. 

He burns for me. You flame for me. Delight in me. Provide for me. Enlighten me with more love and laughter… passion everafter and flowing happier because you’re here with me. I love when you’re here with me. Don’t ever leave…

I’ll never leave you, My Beloved. I chose you… from the moment I wrote you into the story of My Genesis meant for culmination at the fortress of Jerusalem rising into the New Heaven and New Earth to usher in my Kingdom. You are My Bride. 

Make a dress for me, my Love… The one you’re making for me to dance with You in Heaven… the moment You’re waiting for… and I’m living for as You twirl me into you arms everyday by the seashore and by the mountain floor.

I Am the Spirit moving you… I always have been… moving you… wooing you… seducing you… charming you with My love… I always know just what to say to you. Because I Am perfect in my love for you. I know how to reach you and how to melt you into my chest where I want you stamped on Me forever. Stitched on Me forever. Marked on me forever… 

And You marked me when I was born… on my left side with Your thumbprint because You touched me to be set apart for You…

You chose me…

I thought I chose you but your affection flooded me first… into a reaction I couldn’t help but follow with reciprocation. An invitation to love you in return and I wanted to… oh how I wanted to…

“You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.” John 15:16

He chose me…

He chose to be His Lover.

He chooses you…

If you want Him to.

You always give me… what I ask for even though I wonder about what I ask for… I asked for it didn’t I… love in greater measure. Does it exist? On Earth as it is in Heaven? I didn’t know if it could… then you showed me.

His love moved me… proved in me that being linked with the Spirit of God transforms me into a conduit of His love for the One who chooses to bring love to.



lovely flower

let me taste of you

in the morning hour

as roses bloom

in the lavender

You choose me… and you send me to liven the rooms you walk me into with a fragrance only You know the ingredients to. It’s a fragrance of salvation and sanctification. Where we sense your love and feel free at the same time. No fear in love You say… You’re right.

No fear in love… only the intoxication of it. The peace of it. The beauty of it.

It’s Heaven… being in love…

I don’t have to worry if You withhold from me because You said you would give me whatever I ask in Your name… and You do. And when You don’t, it must not be what You approve. It has to funnel through You first… before your princess can receive anything worthy. You protect me. You safeguard me. You don’t let anyone harm me or into my life who would be disadvantageous for me. You only allow what You say is good… and You are the only One who can truly say what is good…

What should I ask in Your Name now?

Tell Me what you want from Me…

Jesus… I want your love more… I want your eyes more… I want your voice more… I want your touch more… I want You right here with me… come closer to Me and be in my every dream. I’m still the little girl waiting on your lullabies in the nighttime… like I was when you found me. I’m still the queen you ordained to reign by Your side because You made me to… with everything You engrained in me to do. Since I was young You have been with me… You became my Beloved forever with me from that day and we will always go on and on… our love never ends… intensify it. The feeling of You loving me. The reality of You choosing me. And blooming me into a Lover Your heart adores. The Bride who walks with You into Heaven’s floor of glass and diamonds by the river of the Tree of life.

Be My Bride forever…

I am the one, My love…

Be My love forever…

Let God be your love forever.

“For your Maker is your husband, the Lord of hosts is His name; and the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer, the God of the whole earth He is called.”

Isaiah 54:5

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