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Mauka To Makai

I dropped it in the ocean
a heart shaped ring
ruby red
to leave behind for you
to carry you
when you
step into the ocean
wrapped around your finger
it loves you
the crystal blue
you thought you killed me
but He resurrected me
you thought you crushed me
but He elevated me
to greater heights
of affection’s flight
I’m alive
in passion’s adventure
where silver winters
and lover’s glimmers
are waiting for me
by the mountainside
mauka to makai
was God’s design
I forgive you
be with me
in paradise
I love you
take me to the riverside
with grizzly bears wild
and rainbow trout climb
into the headwaters
of your glory’s light
like dolphins shine
to fly
through the sky
at midnight
to see the shooting stars
I hear the fireflies
when they glimpse it
what do you glimpse
when the moonlight dips
into the dawn’s covenant
of sunrises
it breathes every morning
it’s painproof
no tragedy
nor travesty
no treachery
could halt the sea
from rising
to greet
the sun
you always rise for us
He rose for you
the Son of God
and You are in me
so I am deathproof
nothing stops me
and nothing drowns me
in the hurricane
of torrential rain
where rushing waves
envelop me
like a canopy of His ecstasy
like gravity
in lavender leaves
my soul entreats
your soul’s deliverance
wining the battle
for you I defeated the enemy
seized your healing
to every adversary
don’t tread on me
I won’t let them
tread on you
with me
your heart is shatterproof
because His blood in me
runs infinitely
through veins in me and out of me
it’s why my love is heavenly
it never ceases
to burn for you
no matter what you do
I’ll never turn from you
my love is bulletproof
like mountain peaks
and ocean seas
dance valiantly
to soothe your wings
come and rest
my beloved
in this love like Heaven
“The Lord of hosts will prepare a lavish banquet for all peoples on this mountain; A banquet of aged wine, choice pieces with marrow, and refined, aged wine.”
Isaiah 25:6

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