“Blue eyes. Sapphire, lusicous blue eyes find me in the deep. Eyes close. Then open again. Still there. The blue eyes gaze at me intently from its massive being. White light and golden speckles shine incandescently as I tread water under the sea, and I wonder if I’ve transcended Heaven.”

Do you want to see the angels?

Waimea Bay, North Shore, Oahu. The night the seas raged in a Paso Doble wrought from love and war. Light and darkness. Good and evil.

Lilly Rose has waited all day with zealous determination to glimpse her angel on the horizon and up close. Now she dives into the alchemy of a typhoon-rattled sea to find one. But soon, rip currents claim her and the deep pulls her under the abyss.

Overhead, Colonel Skye Worthy soars with his army of angels on this night of reckoning. Sent to battle The Raven and emit the light of Zion for his father, The King. But when he sees a light under the sea, he halts his direction and dives into the tomb of the deep. It’s a divine collision. An angel and a human. Light on light. A moment Skye and Lilly Rose will never forget.

Do you want to see the light?

Love finds you when light encroaches on the darkness.

In THE COLONEL, divine collisions orchestrate The King’s love unfurled on the earth to emit the light and defeat The Raven. New Zion is coming. The day when eternity reigns in endless goodness and perfect love. But every angel and every human must decide whom they want to follow. The King or The Raven. The dueling paradigms of Earth and Heaven paint the backdrop of a love story between Lilly and Skye where light shines, love rises, redemption prevails, and life thrives from The King who seeks to create a world without evil.

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