Bird’s Eye View: THE COLONEL


A sneak peak bird’s eye view into my novel THE COLONEL: 


“Your eyes burn bright with sapphire fire, My son. Just how I designed them to shine.” I can only imagine the intensity of its fire as I feel my heart quake inside of me.

Passion and zeal consume me. I want nothing more in this hour than to protect Lilly. To shield her from the world wrought with evil in the hands of The Raven. I pace around the Rose Garden as the galaxies dazzle in the expanse beyond Zion’s atmosphere.

“I must go to her, Father!”

“You cannot protect her from every intrusion, Skye.”

“But she’s never been touched! Never seen the atrocities we’ve seen! I don’t want her exposed to anything she does not have to be exposed to!” My heart races thinking about Lilly…

“Sit down, son.” I hesitate.

Sitting down is not conducive to my mood and my white, towering wings find it difficult to recline for a sitting posture. I lift my head and breathe in the scent of the fragrant Heavens laced with myrrh and aloe where seraphim still sing “holy holy holy” over the Throne of my Father. Lilly longs for this place. To see Heaven. Soon I will bring you here, little one.

Looking up into the expanse of Zion’s technicolor beauty, it’s awe-inspiring. The way the light cascades from my Father’s glory onto anything He beholds. Anytime He speaks the universe glows in florescent light. Lilly loves to hear His voice.

The thought of her calming aura settles my spirit and my wings finally come to a reclining position. I give in to sit beside the King in the Rose Garden’s center.

“Do you remember when I took you to the Aegean Sea?” My mind travels back to the memory. 

“It was the era before the Flood when the Sea moved without waves. When the salt settled at the ocean floor because the rain had not yet fallen on the earth to churn the waters. I remember.” My wings were not yet dipped in gold and my Father would teach me the art of Zion’s warrior tactics, defy gravity for me, and show me the world outside of time.

“What did I ask you to do there, Skye?”

“Walk on the water, my King.”



My novel THE COLONEL coming this Fall 2022!


© 2022 Natalie Edwards

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