He pursues me
always pursues me
He loves me
always loves me

so I love Him
with reckless abandon

in lights of Manhattan
or fields lined in satin
His lips are my palate
with tastebuds ecstatic
no room for pragmatic 
debut the dramatic
combust the climactic
explosion of magic
the denouement of love

His love is like magic
because He makes
the natural
to the supernatural

it’s never casual
only flammable
when we collide
at lightspeed
in the cosmos
dazzling abstractional

see the stars
move expansible
with the euphoria
of heavenly gloria
find the scriptoria’s
secrets Victoria
locked in the highest
of cosmic Concordias
when your
to the

take me there with You
where the sun is ever true
with love in blue hues
of diamond shoes
I like to wear
when I dance with You

He knew
how to find me
like the morning dew
knows how to find
the leaves
of mango fruit trees
glowing in the breeze

His love is steady
His love is extreme
His love is steamy
His love is supreme

my King never changes
His love for me
my King never changes
in zeal for me
it’s always intense
it’s always entrenched
in our history’s romance
of the minutes
spiking to infinite
moments where we met
for the first time
He never forgets
how it felt
when he touched me
the first time
in lovers love

He wins me
always wins me first
and I’ll always need
His perfect love

you belong to Me
He says
no one else
you belong with Me
He says
no one else

I belong to You my King
because You see me
You love me
You chase me

I saw you first My love
I want you first
I need you first
I desire you first
always be My first love

He pursued me first

so I pursue Him
with reckless abandon


“We love because he first loved us.” 

1 John 4:19

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