Beautiful Reflections

Reflections. The visible artwork of an image expressing the essence of your substance shining back to you. Beauty approved. Uniqueness new. Speaking of the One who made you to candidly showcase His majesty. He likes to see Himself in you. Tell Him what you see.

“What do you think of Me?” He says. “Tell Me your thoughts. Tell Me your reflections.”

My King implores me. Adores me. At war for me. He needs me to show Him my love…

How do you tell someone you love them and express the depth of it? The reasons are infinite… the feelings are intricate. Ever evident of Your love invested in mine.

“You’re intertwined with Me,” He says. “I’ll always be the One who knows your every desire.”

He looks at me tenderly. At the reflection of His eyes on me and His heart in me. It’s bleeding now… but He holds me now. Merging into me. Melting into me. As the face of God infuses my frame with reflections of His Imago Dei bleeding into Me like it’s supposed to be. “We are One,” He says. “Feel my DNA inside of you.”

Be One with me forever, my Love.

“I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one—as you are in me, Father, and I am in you. And may they be in us so that the world will believe you sent Me.” John 17:21

“What do You think of me?” I say. His eyes are alive lit with fire and choirs of the Heavens reflect the desire in His higher throne of glory coming near me.

“I die for you,” He says. “Everyday. Every second I have to wait for your body to be one with the Heavens I made to resurrect you into Zion’s rays of light. And now… everything about you gives life to Me. Gives energy to Me. Gives love to Me. Gives nirvana to Me. Because I made you to My muse and My synergy of ecstasy. I see you in Me and Me in you. You reflect the essence inside of Me.”

“The Lord possessed me, at the beginning of His work, the first of His acts of old.” Proverbs 8:22

My God wooed me. Possessed me. Won me and sees His reflection of glory in me. So I give Him my deepest reflections.

“I see Myself in you,” He says. “I want to be in you forever.”

“I love you, God. But I love him too. I need him too. I want him too.”

“You need me,” He says.

“I know I do. I always will. I always have. But I need him too. I want him too.” My heart beats for him. Grieves for him. Burns for him. Cries for him in the darkness of a night without him when I can’t feel him and I need to feel him. Let me feel him, God. Let me see him, God. When the heart ruptures from the eruption of love concaving into an earthquake at bay, there is nothing you can say. It is only silence. In the moments of heartbreak and heartquakes.

“Come to me,” He says.

“I always have… but this time it’s different. This time, I don’t want to give him up. This time, I don’t know how to give him up. I don’t want to let go.” How can you let go of someone who has become a part of you? Without ripping out a vein or two or a million? But I’m strong enough to. I’m a good soldier. I do what I have to. Even when I don’t want to. I didn’t want to give him up. I didn’t want to let go of love. So I didn’t. And I carry him with me and like an apparition He shows up. There he was… standing in front of me again. I had to give him up. Over and over I have to give him up. But I keep loving. I keep holding on to his life like it’s mine to keep on fire or else it will die from the cold of hypothermia. What do I do now that the life of him is frozen like mitochondria without allelles and cells to keep him thriving. I tried to love him. I tried to. What do I do now?

The taste of his mouth penetrates my mind like the 4th of July ignites light into a sky of midnight navy. You wouldn’t see colors if it weren’t for the occasion of celebration. Every moment I think of him I celebrate the occasion like it’s a holiday I never want to forget. I want to mind to insatiably invent new ways to love him. 

He loves your reflection. So do I. The way you look when I look at you. The way you look because He’s anointed you. It’s in your reflections… His words. His heart. His eyes. His sight. His light. His fire. He loves your reflections. Don’t hold them back. 

Reflections showcase the heart of God. His heart is branded on you like a tattoo of love approved and He will never undo His affirmation of you.

I love you. You know I loved you… I tried to give everything to you…

Tell me what you want me to do. Tell me what you want me to say. I pushed to make a way but it’s you who has to say what you want in the roadway where two travel alongside the flames of love. It’s up to you to say how you want to love. 

“I love you, my treasure.” My God always tells me He loves me. Why don’t you?

“I won’t leave you, my lover.” My God always tells me He’s with me. Why don’t you?

“I can’t breathe without you, My Bride, because I designed you to be my love light making the skies shine when I need to feel desire. Love Me… always love Me…” He wants me to love Him. Just like you did. But He tells me He needs me… more than you do.

Where are you?

I know where. And I can’t come there until you tell me it’s you and I there, no one else.

Jesus… why do you make love hurt so much?

“Love dies for its beloved. Now you know how it feels,” says the one who stained the white robes red from His blood shed for me becaues He loved me. I know how it feels now. To die for the one I love.

I do, don’t I?

My heart breaks but it’s strengthened at the same time, like the crucifixion of the fruition of my mission is producing resurrection on the other side. I know I’ll see you on the other side someday, where the rainbows never fade away and the roses are here to stay in the garden where the eagles fly. Tell me you’ll fly with me then. When earth has passed away and there’s no more shame to keep you away from me. Tell me you’ll love me then. Like we could have then.

“I’ll always love you,” He says. The one with the scars and the memories of pain from the cross engraved King of Kings. He loves me. “It will never change. Never fades away,” He says.

“And I’ll always love him, Lord.” I will… and I don’t know how I could ever not. “It never changes. Never fades away.”

“Because you are like Me, My love. A heart bursting with divine fire. A soul clinging to the evidence of lover’s fire… And now you know how it feels like to love to the end. Never forget it. What it feels like to love to the end.” 

I”m still in it

love imminent

love’s ascension

love’s envisioning 

of everything it can be

what do you want it be

only you

can say what you want it to be

my heart

it sparks freely for you

combusts deeply for you

shatters ceilings for you

and I am crucified for you

loving you

is what I wanted to do

I’ll always want to

and now I yield to

what you want

“I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.”

Galatians 2:20

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