See Seas

see seas of love
in His eyes

deep in the heart
of the ocean
love is woken
passion’s spoken
Heaven’s woven
in the open
sea of love’s

you and me
are all we see
my eyes see you
your eyes see me

I’ll always be
your loving King
My Beloved

see seas
of endless love
in miracles
to tell the world
my heart adores

I’ll always be
the one
you need

my King
you’ll always be
the one I see
the one I need
the one I keep
inside of me
where eagle wings
are holding me
your spirit breathes
most gracefully
and all of me
can feel you
in the synergy
of heightening keys
like the midnight breeze
of plumeria trees
you sing to me

I only have eyes for you

see seas
of infinity
flowing for you
in the night
of my delight
for our divine
romance of light

here in your eyes
I see the reason
Heaven’s keeping
us tonight

do you see it
the way
the sky
when my love
for you in flight
embraces you
embracing me
like only we
can be
in sync

we’re intertwined
my love

I see it
my love

melt me again
my love

make the skye touch
down on holy ground
from Zion’s crown
with eyes of fire
love’s desire
here inviting
angel sightings
where I see you
and you see me
by the seas
of turquoise deep
and sapphire fire

see seas
of love
in my eyes for you
my bride
my heart for you
could never hide
the way
I feel
for you
it pierces me
enamors me
refreshes me
enraptures me
I’ll always be
in love
with you

sea seas
of devotion
in the ocean
of affections
burning for you
from my soul above

you’ll always be my one love


“Your eyes will see the King in His beauty; They will see a distant land.”

Isaiah‬ ‭33:17‬ ‭

“For He laid its foundation on the seas and established it on the rivers.” ‭‭

Psalm 24:2

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