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To Live Without You

is there a heartbeat
still there
or am I dead now
I didn’t want to be
numb now
but here I am
a mess without you
I don’t want to be
blessed without you
where I have to see
as if I can’t be

I don’t want to live
like I was never yours
our love was too deep
to feel the sores
of cutting ties forever
I want to feel you
like when we were together
so I’ll never forget
what you feel like
sound like
look like
up close
and far away

in the space
of you and me
our love is a
timeless melody
of synergy
where fury meets
it’s fiery wings
and never retreats
from passion’s leap
into infinity

infinite lovers
never forget each other

I don’t know how to move on
but I’m trying
I don’t know how to go on
but I’m finding
new ways to live without you
and I don’t like it
the way I live my day
as if you’re not there
you’re always there
in my head
in my heart
in my eyes
in my memories
playing out
like symphonies
of lovers love
where you and I
are the masterpiece

we are
a masterpiece

I am your beauty
and you are my wonder
you always will be
we’re infinite lovers

infinite lovers
never forget each other

what do I do
when God deemed
me your love
by His touch
of sovereignty
do you come back to me
do I come back to you
where no pain could subdue
all we’ve been through
it’s just me
and it’s just you

his face it proves
his love is true

there’s a heartbeat
still there
when I think of you
and I know
I don’t want to live without you

say you’ll fly
to the moon
and through
the clouds for me
then I don’t have
to live without you

his song is my fire

her love is my flight

your voice will always be my lullaby


“So you also have sorrow now. But I will see you again. Your hearts will rejoice, and no one will rob you of your joy.” 
‭‭John‬ ‭16:22‬

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