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Face The Light

can you face it
the light staring back at you

I turned around
and said goodbye
to the night
where fireflies
and look away
from flaming fires
to God’s divine
for me
in the light
of His love

but there was another
trial rising
yet to face

I had to face it

from blue eyes
to green eyes
came my way
in every direction
with striking complexions
and soulful inflections
at home’s invocation
of my
spirit’s oasis
sensing the invasion
of lust’s affection

can you face it
the desire
looking back at you
and fake it like
it doesn’t break
I don’t want to
make it seem
like it doesn’t
affect the stream
of light flooding into my senses

I had to face it

the weakness in me

bring it into the light

I turned away
from the lie
came home
into the light
where the sun sets
on the mountainside
but there was delight
waiting in plain sight

he had a ring too
they always do
it’s not his fault
he has a heartbeat too
but my inner passions
felt the steam
of his fire
for me

so I faced it
and said what I needed to say

do you know
what you need to say

he knows
what he needs to say

in an instant
his ring was glued
to his finger
where it needs to be
and has to be
it wants to be
wrapped around his finger for her

stay wrapped around her finger
for her forever

women harness your power

a married man
sees many beauties
but none is more precious
than one highest ruby
who he vowed
to love
in proving
love is true

show her your love is true

to the ones who
sought the forbidden
remember your story
is already written
with angel inscriptions
in Heaven’s inventions
you won’t be
to claim
a love
that isn’t yours

wait for the purity
of a love
that’s truly yours
and forever adores you
only you

“Jesus said, “I Am the light of the world. Whoever follows Me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

John 8:12

“While you have the light, believe in the light, that you may become sons of light.”
‭‭John‬ ‭12:36

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