Love Notes: THE COLONEL Sneak Peek

Colonel Release Teaser7

“Skye?” I say his name aloud without thinking if I should or shouldn’t. It spews out like an impulsive reaction.

“Ma’am, are you Lilly Rose?” A younger girl with blonde hair and a white dress shirt at the host stand calls my name.

“Yes. A gentleman was waiting for me, I was told.” Where are you, my sweet blue angel? Show your burning eyes of sapphire and dance with me in the candlelight here by the fireplace.

“He left this for you,” she says. In her hands she holds out an envelope of cream and ivory. I reach for it eagerly.

“Was his name Skye?” I ask.

“Leafe. He said his name was Leafe.”

Leafe? Who is Leafe? My heart sighs as I realize it was not Skye at the door asking for me. I open the envelope sealed with a golden heart and walk to a corner of the foyer where an ocean scene glows in the spotlight of a Thomas Kinkaid painting.

Dear Lilly,

I love writing your name when I pen you my thoughts. It’s glowing in Zion where the waterfalls leap into the pools of twirling liquid. My heart leaps when I think of you. I’m always watching over you. The King is too. I saw you today under the Oak leaves swinging in the rain. Your childlike smile reminds of the way Feyona looked at you when she found her mermaid. I’ll never forget how you dove into that cave to save her. That’s who you are, Lilly. A rescuer. I want you to harness that strength, that power, that courage now blossoming in you as a woman. You are the most enthralling woman on Earth to me. There is so much I could tell you. But I will wait until the time is right. Know I am always thinking of you. I’m sending my angel, Captain Leafe, to bring you this letter until I can see you again. Remember the rainbow you saw today as a symbol of my unwavering affections. I will come to you soon, my Lilly flower.

roses are red

lilies are true

my heart beats

for you

and only for you




Oh Skye! I press the note to my heart and breathe in the scent of lavender stationery. 

My heart flutters like a butterfly injected with Redbull. I tried it once. I couldn’t sleep for days. Tonight, undoubtedly the same dilemma will find me as I daydream of his blue eyes and soft skin holding me in the moonlight spiking my adrenaline…


Excerpt from THE COLONEL

Fiction Novel Available 10.14.22

©Natalie Edwards 2022

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