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Tell Your Love Story

I wrote this poem the day I published my book. I wasn’t ready to share it but my heart is now. I will always be awestruck by God’s miracle… the miracle of love. 💝

who would want
to tell a love story
I would
again and again
I smile
when I revel
in the glory
of the Lord
who lit the flame

I wanted it
to be us
but you couldn’t
give me that
I know that

it’s not your fault
you couldn’t win me
and be my eagle
I accept that

I wanted more
than you could give
I wanted a family
I wanted you
I wanted all of it

but I had to let go of it

I want my future now
the one where God
walks me
down the aisle
to the man
He ordained
for me
it’s clear to see
our love story
was only
pressing me
igniting the diamond
I’m meant to be
I know God
has beautiful things
for me

I’m thankful now
I’m humbled now
I’m graceful now
I’m grateful now
for the gift
of the story
you gave me
on eagle’s wings
Lilly and Skye
will forever be
a tribute

a love story it is
a love story it remains

I will cherish it forever

God is the lover
God is the redeemer
lifting me
on eagle wings
to blossom
like the lilly

He sent His love
through you
to me
now I honor you
for that

may His love
wash over you
for how He
used you
to tell of His glory

I wouldn’t have
this story
without you

and I know I can
move on
without you

thank you for inspiring me
like you did

hear my words as a tribute
to the gift

who would want
to tell a love story
God would
again and again
He smiles
when He revels
in the glory
of His miracles
on earth
igniting love’s flame

love is a miracle

this story will always be a miracle

“LORD, You will grant peace for us; for all we have accomplished is really from You.” Isaiah 26:2

“Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it.” Song of Solomon 8:7

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