Aspire to Jesus

Jesus is the Savior. The only God. The only redeemer. The only sinless one to walk the earth and pay the sins of mankind forever. Jesus’ truth revives the human heart to come alive. His ways direct us straight to God where we confide in the One we were made for, destined to dwell in eternity forever with Him. Jesus is our lifeline.

“Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6

There is only one way to God… through Jesus.

His way is the only way that works.

Jesus is the only one who sparks eternal life. His ways set the standard. His example beckons us farther into His oasis of goodness.

“Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers; but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers.” Psalm 1:1-3

You prosper when you delight in God’s word instead of wickedness.

Your produce fruits of the Spirit when you ingest God’s word.

Aspire to His ways. Honor His standards. Aspire to His love. Embrace the grandeur of a heart tethered to the Kingdom of God. Jesus awakens our hearts by the truth of His words, the power of His Holy Spirit. He leads you onward to flourish like an abundant tree whose leaves never wither.

David writes about delighting in the law of the Lord in Psalm 1. Jesus’ words delight the soul. His ways breathe refreshment and realignment into every area of our lives as we aspire to His holiness. Jesus is a holy God and He makes us a holy people by His own power at work within us. This is called sanctification, where we grow more like Jesus every single day. Seek Jesus and live by every word He instructs.

“He is like a tree planted by streams of water” says David in Psalm 1. When we seek God, our roots anchor down deep in the garden of His love. When we live by His truth, we flourish more and more. Our water source is found in the One who is living water: Jesus Christ. as a byproduct of His presence.

Jesus’ presence saturates your soul with His essence.

Flourish in the presence of Jesus’ vibrancy.

Jesus fulfills the Law on our behalf so that we are redeemed by our trust in Him as Lord.

Jesus said in Matthew 5:17, “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.”Jesus fulfilled every command He gave as the standard to live by. Jesus’ death and resurrection fulfills the scriptures and satisfies every requirement God gave man. Now, we have fellowship with God because of Jesus atoning for our sins. As we connect to Jesus, His ways influence our direction and spirit.

As the disciples followed Jesus, their direction found meaning and purpose. They abandoned everything for Jesus because they knew He was worth following. They wanted His hope. They wanted His ways. They wanted His promise of eternal life and redemption.

“And Jesus said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Immediately they left their nets and followed Him.” Matthew 4:19-20

No questions are needed when Jesus gets close to you and asks you to follow Him. You know the instant you encounter Him, He is worth it all.

“And He went throughout all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every affliction among the people.” Matthew 4:23

The gospel of the Kingdom of God brings revolutionary life that had never been brought before. Until now, anyone who sought to be close to God had to follow the Law of Moses, God’s commandments, and make animal sacrifices to atone for their sin. But when Jesus shows up, He preaches a new covenant of grace where Jesus Himself will be the perfect sacrifice for every person’s sins that we cal all be close to God in a perfect relationship. His way is the only way that works.

Jesus is the way to life.

Jesus’ ways lead to life. Every way. Every day. Every word. Every expectation of His heart pull us closer to Him where eternal life reigns without sin and flesh in the natural world. Our Supernatural home is closer than ever.

The only hope for sin is the blood of Jesus. The literal lifeblood of Jesus makes us whole and pure. No other god died for our sins except for Jesus Christ. Our tempations, struggles, battles and future hinges on Jesus’ victory. Therefore, you are victorious! Overcome every battle by His Holy Spirit in you. Your testimony only solidifies you are an overcomer.

“And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death.” Revelation 12:11

You conquer sin in your life when you choose Jesus in a personal relationship. This relationship empowers you over the flesh and generates a spirit of victory that is yours in Christ. Claim the power you have! Reading God’s Word is our way to train our minds and hearts to love His ways and follow His ways.

Life awakens as we aspire to Jesus’ ways. Let Him be your example. Learn from His words and implement them in your daily life. Jesus is the one pure and holy God. He is our deliverer. Let your love shine ever-present with us, Jesus, that your light would illuminate the darkness and give us power of victory. Jesus’ purity is possible. His Word is our guidance. His love is our assurance.

“How can a young man keep his way pure?
    By guarding it according to your word.
With my whole heart I seek you;
    let me not wander from your commandments!
I have stored up your word in my heart,
    that I might not sin against you.
Blessed are you, O Lord;
    teach me your statutes!” Psalm 119-9-11

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