Connect With Jesus

A foxtrot in the wind. God holds me once again. He always does when He says come to Me all you who are weary and heavy laden. Jesus lightens the weights of life and pulls you into weightless flight with Him as your heart transcends earth.

We were meant to connect with Jesus in personal relationship. Here with Him. There with Him. Everywhere His Spirit sends His heart to mesh with us.

Where do you find your satisfaction from?

Dedicate time for Jesus and you find His love is what you were looking for. What you long for. What you wait for. What you yearn for.

Jesus satisfies the heart deep down.

Spend time with Him, just you and Him. You need this to fuel every step of your path.

Glittery skies and moonlit quiet surround the meadows He made. The mountains transform in cosmic motion as the feet of Jesus dance on the heights when His Holy Spirit holds you tight. It’s all in His hands. Jesus always holds you in His hands.

“For you shall go out in joy
    and be led forth in peace;
the mountains and the hills before you
    shall break forth into singing,
    and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.” Isaiah 55:12

Still your heart and hear Him speak to you. Still your soul and see Him send you the celebrations of Heaven breaking out on earth as He leads you. We were meant to be led by Jesus. The sounds of the rest of the world pause for the One who is King of all. Creation honors His name.

“Instead of the thorn shall come up the cypress;
    instead of the brier shall come up the myrtle;
and it shall make a name for the Lord,
    an everlasting sign that shall not be cut off.” Isaiah 55:13

Make a name for the Lord. His name is the highest name. The greatest name. The beautiful name. The only name in whom salvation flows.

Make a name for Jesus here on earth. His worth is highest worth. His mission is greatest of importance. His Kingdom reigns supreme over all the earth and everyone will see our King Jesus return again in golden rays of royalty scintillating from Heaven. We want His name lifted high.

Crown Jesus as King.

Breathe in deeply of His love for you. Royal love. Regal love. Highest love. The King’s love is yours for the taking. And yours for the giving. Exchange your heart in prayer and quality time with the Lord Most High and find life reinvigorating you all over again. He is with you everywhere you go. We will be with Him every day of our lives.

When Jesus returns to establish New Heaven, we will celebrate in the abundance of Jerusalem, the new city. The holy city of God shines dazzling and brilliant in His eyes. God looks at you and envisions the day you will fill it. His holy place was built with you in mind. Even though God is holy and set apart, He includes you in His plan because He wants you with Him everywhere He is. So you are also holy and set apart. Rejoice with the King who made Jerusalem to echo the jubilation of His inauguration of eternity.

“Rejoice with Jerusalem, and be glad for her,
    all you who love her;
rejoice with her in joy,
    all you who mourn over her;
that you may nurse and be satisfied
    from her consoling breast;
that you may drink deeply with delight
    from her glorious abundance.” Isaiah 66:10-11

The garden of Eden restores the fruit of eternal blooms coming full circle as Jerusalem arises. God’s new dwelling place is a place of “glorious abundance.” You will never be empty. You will never be in lack. You will always be full and whole. Nurtured from the glory of its dwelling place. Heaven itself satisfies the heart through its beauty. Pure beauty. Meant to reflect from God’s own beauty.

Beauty floods into your heart when you connect with the Lord of Heaven.

Love the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind. Your essence arrives at full completion from Him.

when the world ends

my soul begins

to live for


my God is close


returning here

with majesty

to claim the ones

who chose the King

we wait for Him

we wait for Him

my Lord our God

we wait for You

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